Top Quality Dried Qurut with Honey Snacks Healthy Sour Dried Yogurt Natural Halal Milk Product Russian Kurut

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Dried Qurut with Honey

Qurut with honey has a beneficial effect on the liver and digestive system. It is made according to the traditions of the ancient Bashkirs, it is popularly called a natural festal and antiseptic. The main food of nomads is honey qurut balls, they are full of protein, calcium and vitamins. It is convenient to carry in your purse or pocket to satisfy your hunger and gain strength at any time.


Shelf Life
6 months
Gross weight (kg)
Place of Origin
Russian Federation, Republic of Bashkortostan
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Packing & Delivery

St. Petersburg
Processing Time
7 days
Product Packaging
Cartoon cox

Company Profile

The BAI Agricultural Supply And Marketing Cooperative, abbreviated as SSSPC BAI, was registered in 2017, but actually it has been operating for seven years. There are 30 shareholders in the cooperative, including 3 Peasant Farm Enterprises, 2 LLC, 1 IE and 24 Households Farms.

The cooperative produces natural farm products: selection of qurut, butter, boza, oat flour, oat flour with melted butter, beshbarmak noodles and tukmas noodle soup. All products are certified. We have developed several technical specifications according to the traditional recipes of the ancient Bashkirs.
The products are delivered to stores in cities and districts of the Republic.

One of our directions is the production of qurut fermented milk products (a sort of cheese). In addition to the classic qurut, we have developed and certified such types as qurut with currant and cherry, qurut with cherry, dried qurut in balls shape, smoked-dried qurut, qurut with honey. Due to the long storage life (6 months at t -25+25C), dried qurut can be sold regardless of the time of year, weather conditions and distance (the attachments contain a price list with photos and a description of qurut). We can additionally discuss prices, depending on the volume of deliveries.

We guarantee a stable supply of quality products.

The cooperative both produces national products, and actively promotes them in mass media, via the Internet, as well as at various festivals. In the Republic, the Baymak district occupies the 2nd place in area and the 3rd place in milk production. But there are only 2 small milk processing workshops for the whole district, the rest of the raw materials is supplied to Beloretsk, Troitsk, Meleuzovsky and Chelyabinsk dairy plants. This means that the potential is enormous for increasing production.

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