TA-PA66 инженерных пластмасс общего назначения нейлоновых гранул PA66 натурального сырья пластиковые гранулы PA66

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PA66 Injection Molding Process Conditions
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Dry Treatment
If the material is sealed before processing, then there is no need to dry. However, if the storage container is opened, it is recommended to dry it in hot air at 85°C. If the humidity is greater than 0.2%, vacuum drying at 105°C for 12 hours is required.

Melting Temperature
260~290℃. For glass additive products, the temperature is 275~280℃. The melting temperature should not be higher than 300°C.

Mold Temperature
It is recommended to be 80°C. The mold temperature will affect the crystallinity, and the crystallinity will affect the physical properties of the product. For thin-walled plastic parts, if a low-dry mold temperature of 40°C is used, the crystallinity of the plastic parts will change with time. In order to maintain the geometric stability of the plastic parts, annealing treatment is required.

Injection Pressure
It is usually 750~1250bar, depending on the material and product design.

Injection Speed
High speed (slightly lower for reinforced materials). Runner and gate: Since the solidification time of PA66 is very short, the location of the gate is very important. The gate aperture should not be less than 0.5*t (where t is the thickness of the plastic part). If you use a hot runner, the gate size should be smaller than using a conventional runner, because the hot runner can help prevent premature solidification of the material. If a submerged gate is used, the minimum diameter of the gate should be 0.75mm.

PA66 Application Range
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Electronic Appliances
Connectors, spools, timers, cover circuit breakers, switch housings, plugs, connectors, washers, etc.
Cooling fan, door handle, fuel tank cover, air intake grille, water tank cover, lamp holder, oil filter, gear lever, etc.
Industrial Parts
Chair seat, bicycle transmission frame, skate base, prevention shuttle, pulley, power tool set, etc.
Power tools, guards, fan blades, gears, machine tool accessories, sports equipment, toy products, cable ties, etc.



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