Полимерная водонепроницаемая мембрана 15-30 лет службы для цементной крыши

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Polymer based waterproofing membrane 15-30 years service life for cement roof


This product takes the PVDF fluorocarbon composite film of the frame with common weather resistance performance of photovoltaic backplane as the surface waterproof decorative layer, and high-quality butyl rubber as the waterproof and self-adhesive layer. It is a non asphalt green environmental friendly polymer self-adhesive waterproof coil produced by the advanced fully automatic high-temperature gluing production line.







This product has excellent weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance and self-cleaning performance. At the same time, it has strong adhesion to various material surfaces, and plays the role of sealing, shock absorption, sound insulation and noise reduction to the surface of the adherend.



Because it does not cure for decades, it has excellent follow-up and fatigue resistance to the surface thermal expansion, cold contraction and mechanical deformation of the adherend. It is an ideal waterproof and protective material for all kinds of roof exposure.


Product features:


1) Excellent high weather resistance and corrosion resistance:

Polyvinylidene fluoride PVDF film on the surface of waterproof coiled material has excellent weather resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It can be exposed to sunlight, air and corrosive environment for a long time and is not easy to age

2) Excellent gas seal and water tightness:
Modified butyl rubber adhesive layer has outstanding aging resistance, corrosion resistance and insulation, and can resist the influence of atmosphere and various corrosive substances on waterproof effect.

3) Green environmental protection:
This product does not contain solvent and asphalt

4) Convenient and safe:
Cold self-adhesive construction, self-service maintenance, simple and safe operation technology and low labor cost
The coiled material is fully adhered to the base surface without water channeling, and the "external type" is adsorbed on the base surface, with pressure sensitivity, viscosity retention, creep and self-healing. This product can not only counteract the damage of various stresses from several layers to the main waterproof layer, but also has the self-healing ability and damping effect of the body. It is especially suitable for waterproof of exposed light steel structure color steel plate roof.


It is especially suitable for waterproof sealing of various cracks, sunshine rooms, color steel tiles, window edges, aluminum-plastic plates, balconies, cement roofs, roofs, brick houses and other spaces.





Company Information







About Jiaxing Gao Zheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. 

As a domestic leading manufacturer of polymer functional materials, Jiaxing Gao Zheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Gao Zheng New Materials) always puts the needs of every user first, and is committed to innovating in technology R&D, performance development and appearance design.

Gao Zheng New Materials focuses on the development, production and sales of polymer functional materials. The products range covers special polymer modified materials, PVDF films for photovoltaic back sheets, weather-resistant surface layer materials for building decoration, PVDF film laminated metal sheets, traffic sign reflective films, environmentally-friendly industrial water-based coatings and fully degradable packaging materials, etc., solves the pain points of traditional materials in the use process.

Over the years, Gao Zheng New Materials has established a number of production bases and branches across the country (including Jiaxing Base in Zhejiang Province, Shanghai Base, Chibi Base in Hubei Province, Mingguang Base in Anhui Province, etc.), successfully serving major high-quality projects across the country and becoming a provider of innovative solutions for space decoration and protection technology.




Q1. What is the advantage about your company?

A1. Our company has professional team and professional production line.

Q2. Why should I choose your products?

A2. Our products are high quality and low price.

Q3. The logo and the color can be customized?

A3. Yes, we welcome you to sample custom.

Q4. Any other good service your company can provide?

A4. Yes,we can provide good after-sale and fast delivery.


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