industrial air filter VOCs treatment activated carbon absorption box catalytic combustion equipment

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Product Overview


Product Description

VOC Treatment Activated Carbon Adsorption & Desorption Catalytic Combustion
It suits especially for light concentration VOCs(volatile organic compounds) which are not appropriate to be adsorbed or burned directly, and it would be the best choice for large airflow situation. The treat system and equipment is widely adopted in all kinds of workplaces with poisonous VOCs discharges , such as in paint spraying plant, rubber factory , printery etc.

How does the system work?
Adsorption, desorption and catalytic combustion are the main steps.
Firstly, the big particles are filtered by the primary filter. It helps to protect the activated carbon from abrasion and have a longer service life.
Then, the activated carbon works. The VOCs are adsorbed to the millipores of the activated carbon, and the purified air will be discharged. Honeycomb structure (of the activated carbon) has extremely large surface with powerful adsorption. When the activated carbon filter is nearly fully laden, it's time for desorption. The VOCs get away from the activated carbon under the action of heat and catalytically combust. Only water(H2O) and carbon dioxide(CO2) which are safe to discharge, are produced in the combustion. The heat generated in the combustion can be used in the next turn of desorption and catalytic combustion.

About Activated Carbon

The activated carbon has powerful adsorption capacity for VOCs. Especially with the shape of honeycomb, the surface enlarges a lot
and adsorbs more VOCs. But when the activated carbon is put under the sun or be heated, VOCs easily desorbs from the activated carbon.

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Covering more than 8000 square meter, our factory is located in Yantai City, Shandong Province which is near to Beijing and Shanghai. There are over 100 employees at present. It is a strong and creative team with 60 production workers, 18 installation workers, 10 engineers and 20 foreign sales for oversea installation service and technical support.We have laser cutting machine,
shearing machine, bending machine, punching machine, drilling machine, welding machine and painting booth. Owing the entire production line, we are confident to help customers to reduce the cost meanwhile to enjoy the best quality control.


1.Q:What's your delivery clause?
A:FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW are all acceptable;

2.Q:What's your payment terms?
A:T/T, L/C, PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union and others are negotiable;

3.What's you quality control method?
A:Quality control is throughout start from the raw material to the finished product. Raw material sample inspection /full
inspection, 100% inspection in production, after production and before shipment.

4.Q:How do you assist to install and operate the machine?
A:Overseas installment is available, video and online technical support are always available too;

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