Огнеупорное изоляционное огнеупорное огнетушительное огнеупорное одеяло из стекловолокна (1600429856501)

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Product Overview


Fiberglass Fire Blanket For Kitchen Home Emergency
100% fiberglass Cloth, Fiberglass Sewing Thread, Fireproof Tapes
0.43mm 、0.45mm or customize
Rugular size
1.0*1.0m, 1.2m*1.2m, 1.2m*1.8m, 1.5*1.5m,1.8m*1.8m, 2*2m or customize
Fire Blanket Rolls: 1m*50m, 1m*100m or customize
High temperature resistance
Above 550 Celsius degree
Area weight
430g/m2、590g/m2 or customize
PVC Soft Bag or PVC Hard Box
Certificate or report
EN1869:1997, BSEN1869:1997, EN1869:2019, AS/NZS 13504, MSDS,SGS
Product display
1. It is made of 100% fiberglass cloth and does not contain asbestos. It doesn't itch.
2. In case of fire, it can increase the chance of escape.
3. We strictly follow the industry standard, from weaving to sewing, all are done by ourselves, so the delivery time is controllable.
4. If the quantity is more than 500, you can customize the Logo and packaging for free.
5. Send an inquiry to get a free fire blanket sample.

A fire blanket is usually an emergency firefighting tool that can be used to extinguish a small fire or stop a fire from spreading. Based on the fire blanket, the electric vehicle fire blanket is a fire blanket specially designed for electric vehicles, and is mainly used to extinguish electric vehicle fires.
Compared with ordinary fire blankets, electric vehicle fire blankets have higher temperature resistance and electrical insulation properties, which can effectively extinguish electric vehicle fires and prevent fire from spreading. Since electric vehicles use high-voltage and large-capacity batteries, once a fire occurs, there are often higher dangers and difficulties. Therefore, using electric vehicle fire blankets can deal with this situation more effectively.
In addition, compared with traditional fire extinguishers, electric vehicle fire blankets are more portable and easy to use, and can be deployed quickly in an emergency to effectively control the fire.
In short, the electric vehicle fire blanket is an important electric vehicle safety tool that can provide more comprehensive safety protection for electric vehicle users.

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