Manufacture Price Greentek Gelfree S3 EEG Headset EEG Medical Hats For EEG Device (1600431023196)

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 Greentek Gelfree-S3 EEG Hat; EEG Headset; EEG Medical Caps For EEG Machines


Greentek Gelfree S3 EEG recording Hat is an innovative and easy-to-use headset that makes neurofeedback more enjoyable for both practitioner and client. This saline-based EEG recording Cap is designed for comfort and precision without the need for any troditional conductive paste or gel. Precision electrode placement, quick setup, mess-free and flexible, make Greentek Gelfree S3 EEG recording Cap one of a kind!


This Gelfree-S3 EEG cap can be connected to a variety of EEG amplifiers such as BrainProducts, Neuroscan, and ANT, and receives and transmits EEG signals for clinical diagnosis and scientific research. Due to absence of gels and excellent signal quality, the Gelfree-S3 EEG cap is highly recommended for use in emerging real-world EEG applications such as brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), neuro-marketing, neuro-feedback training, and neuro-education.


* Fully adjustable, comfortable and clean, Greentek Gelfree S3 EEG recording Cap uses saline solution rather than paste or gel.

No paste, no mess
No prep, no alcohol clean-up

No paste, no waste! Greentek Gelfree S3 EEG recording Cap saves time and consumables. Customizable, re-usable and washable.

Set-up in less than 5 minutes
Can be removed in seconds
No cleaning paste from electrodes


Precision electrode placement delivers results.
Low impedance under 5KOhm for optimum performance.
Compatible with all major EEG device manufacturers such as BrainProducts, Neuroscan, ANT, Cadwell, etc.
Standard 19 channel, can be configured for up to 32 channel
Setting-up finished within several minutes.


Key Features of the Greentek Gelfree S3 EEG recording Cap
Ease of use: no paste, no mess, no prep needed, no need for alcohol clean up
Comfortable to those with skin or head sensitivities
Four sizes fit children to adults
Lightweight strapping with Velcro and highest quality chamois felt lead pockets
Clean – fully re-usable: Easy to wash. No sticky paste to clean out of electrodes.
Applied with a saline solution rather than conductive paste or gel
Can be applied in about five minutes or less and removed in seconds










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Greentek was founded in 2006, as a spin-off from the Electrochemical Materials Laboratory of Wuhan University under the direction of Professor Yvonne Duan.


For over 10 years we have specialized in engineering and manufacturing (ISO 13485) new EEG electrode sensors for precise bio-potential measurement.


Our professional team constantly works on new solutions and improves the quality and functionality of our electrode sensors. Our mission is to provide new electrode solutions and products to global customers at competitive price.



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