Hand Held Tester Tool 4 In 1 Engine Fluid Glycol Antifreeze Freezing Point Car Battery Refractometer Antifreeze Tester

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Product Overview



4 in 1 Hand Held Refractometer Vehicle Urea Tester 30-35% Adblue Fluid Glycol Battery Antifreeze Concentration Meter ATC
Ethylene Glycol: -50°C-0°C (0--70% )
Propylene Glycol : -50°C-0°C(0--70%)
Resolution Factor: 5°C, 5%,
(ATC) Temperature Compensation Range:10°C-30°C
Field of View Description:
Intermediate scale: (ETHYLENE GLYCOL) Ethylene glycol antifreeze freezing point.
(PROPYLENE GLYCOL) Propylene glycol type antifreeze freezing point.
Left scale: (BATTERY FLUID) Battery liquid specific gravity.
1.15 ~ 1.20 to be charged
1.20 ~ 1.25 power enough
1.25 ~ 1.30 sufficient power
Right scale: glass cleaning solution freezing point

First, the principle:
The instrument can measure the antifreeze and glass cleaning agent freezing point, the proportion of lead-acid battery electrolyte. Temperature compensation device is included to ensure the measurement is simple and convenient, to ensure accurate measurement in the 10oC ~ 30oC ambient temperature.
The basic principle is to use the total reflection critical angle method to measure the refractive index of the solution, and then calibrate the measured liquid concentration and its performance. Because of its principle of reliable, accurate to meet the actual needs, there are small size, light weight, handsome in appearance, easy to use, it is widely used in the automotive industry.
1, not in the relative humidity of more than 85% of the ring mirror in the long-term placement, so as not to affect the optical system.
2, do not get into the liquid and water adjustment knob and eyepiece, so as not to damage the internal components.
3, do not le

Product Features
Detailed description:
Name: Vehicle Urea Tester
Model: RHA501ATC
Measuring range:
Auto Urea 30 to 35%
Ethylene glycol EG: -50 ° C to 0 ° C
Glycerol PG: -50 ° C to 0 ° C
Glass water CW: -40 ° ~ 0 °
Battery liquid BF: 1.10 ~ 1.40KG / L

Automotive urea concentration 0.2%
Antifreeze freezing point 5 °
Glass water freezing point 5 °
The specific gravity of the battery is 0.01
Size: 27 * 40 * 160mm
With automatic temperature compensation 0 ~ 30 °




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