Greatwhip Food Grade Whipped Cream Charger 580G Dessert Tools 580G Cream Charger (1600434068690)

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As one of the biggest cream charger suppliers from China, GreatWhip has more than 10 years of experience in the cream charger business. GreatWhip Cream Chargers are filled with the purest, highest quality products available. Our products are made of the highest quality materials and are engineered to the highest international standard; Achieving no oil, no residual, and fresh smelling with super clean technology. With state-of-art of fully automatic machines, we can produce over 40 million pcs per month. We offer a full range of flavors including mint, strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, banana, grape, and so on.

Our Great Whip products are made of the highest–quality materials and are engineered to the highest standards. Manufacturers compliance standards & certifications: CE, ISO22000, ISO45001, ISO19001, ISO24001,. Compliance with TUV and HACCP. We have warehouses in Los Angles/US, New Jersey/US, Miami/US, Sydney/Australia, Rotterdam/Europe, Belgium/Europe, and London/UK.

Product Description

Why You Should Choose GreatWhip Cream Chargers?
* GreatWhip offers Free fast delivery service within the whole UK and Northern Ireland area. Create the best buying experience.

* GreatWhip whipped cream chargers are widely used as an infusion agent for spirits and luscious cocktails, helping create foam with flavors such as sweetness. This will gives you extra taste when creating drinks at home or restaurants.

* These cylinder are intended solely for culinary use. They work perfectly with most types of whip cream dispensers, offering you the desired taste and fun in the process of cream creations.


Product Name
GreatWhip 580 gram whipped cream charger


Free & Fast shipping within the whole UK and Northern Ireland area.


Are the cream chargers compatible with the cream dispensers with other brands?
Our cream chargers are designed and manufactured by strictly following the international standards. They can be equipped on all cream dispensers with standard specifications.

How long will it take to deliver?
Stock available in our London, UK warehouse.
The shipment will be made within 2 working days after purchase using local couriers, and it will normally take 2 to 5 days to deliver to your door address.

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