Tilapia aquaculture RAS recirculating aquaculture system indoor fish farming equipment for sale

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Product Overview


Indoor RAS and outdoor RAS Rotary drum filter for aquaculture for fish farm pond


Industrial aquaculture recirculating system:

1. Drum fiter: to separate solid particles (fish feces and residual bait)

2. Protein skimmer: to separate dissolved protein and fine solid particles

3. Ozone disinfection machine: (can be replaced by UV disinfection equipment), to remove bacteria and viruses in water

4. CO2 stripper: to remove carbon dioxide from water, improve pH value and increase dissolved oxygen

5. Biofilter: to remove nitrite

6. Water quality monitoring system: real-time monitoring of water quality indicators and real-time feedback control

7. Oxygen cone: pure oxygen oxygenation

8. Fish pond: round, cone bottom, easy to drain

9. Aquaculture waste dewatering: Volute screw sludge dewatering machine

10. Others: thermostatic system



Drum filter introduction

The automatic box type rotary drum filter is mainly composed of box components, drum components, back cleaning system and electric control box. The treatment capacity can be customized according to demand, and it’s made of non-toxic, corrosionresistant and environmental protection materials.SS316L filter screen is used to separate suspended solids in water. When the water containing suspended solids enters the drum, the suspended solids are intercepted by the stainless steel filter screen, and the water without suspended solids enters the reservoir after filtration. When the suspended solids in the drum accumulate to a certain amount, it will cause the water permeability of the filter screen to drop, resulting in the rise of the water level in the drum.The liquid level automatic control system works. At this time, the back cleaning water pump and the drum motor are automatically opened at the same time. The high-pressure water output from the back cleaning water pump cleans the rotary drum filter screen and the cleaned suspended solids flow to the wastewater collection tank under the high-pressure water washing and are discharged through the wastewater pipe.When the filter screen is cleaned, the water permeability of the drum filter screen rises and the water level in the drum drops. When the water level drops to the set low water level, the backwashing water pump and the drum motor will automatically stop working, and the drum filter will enter a new round of working cycle.TPA:20-150m3/HTPK: 200-500m3/H

Working Principle

The water mixed with fish waste inputs the TPA through the water inlet pipes, flows into the boxes, and then into the interior of the filtering drum. The filtering drum is covered with a micro mesh. The fish waste can only leave in the drum by passing the filter mesh, all particles bigger than the filter mesh will stay inside the drum filter.

1. The material is very stable and meets all requirements about the filter box. The filter body is made of the same material, so there is no problem in different temperatures. The screws we use are made of stainless steel 304 or 316L for seawater. The mesh of the drum is made from SS316, if any need for your project, we can also offer 30, 40, 60 or 90 micrometer mesh.
2. Configuration with a water-level monitoring system, automatic monitoring of the micro filter operation and cleaning only if necessary; no regular checks by user due to the totally automatic system.
3. With the high quality equipment, all users don't need much maintenance. In additional, the direct drive has a high reliability, because of no chain or belt broken or gliding from the gear. All equipment has a very long life time.
The control unit main functions
1.This filter control unit is equipped with two operation modes: gravity model and pump model. According to the different needs of customers, the operation mode can be selected easily by a switch installed on the control unit box.
2.The control unit is equipped with a digital timer which can manually set a flushing time by the liquid level sensor to ensure the filter washing only starts if necessary.
3.The control unit sets up the safe mode, if the water level is lower than the minimum level, the filter operation will be stopped.
4.The control unit sets up the automatic filling water system configured with a liquid level sensor, customers will be able to install magnet valve, and via the sensor to ensure that the pond water level remains the same.
5.The control unit is equipped with an emergency stop button in case of break-down during maintenance and equipped with a manual control and a fault alarm button.
Application scope
Ponds and aquaculture


Customer Visitations and Exhibitions

With our consistent effort,Our machinery is supplied to more than 30 countries including the Russia,Pakistan,India,Argentina,Indonesia,Romania,Canada,Turkey,Iran,Vietnam and other countries. Also participate in the exhibitions of urban sewage treatment, wastewater treatment,textile, leather, chemical and other industries.






Packaging & Shipping

Wooden pallet or standard export wooden box as per customers' requirement.




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Top machinery, founded in 2002, specialized manufacture wastewater treatment equipment and sludge dewatering machine, like screw type sludge dewatering machine, decanter centrifuge, brushing/scraping self-cleaning filter, automatic back-flushing filter, Bernoulli filter, electrocoagulation, inward/outward water micro filter, bar screen, etc. With our consistent effort, high quality, competitive price and good after-service, our machines are supplied to more than 30 countries with very good feedback.




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