Dropshipping 300ml 900ml 1000ml Hydrogen Inhalation H2 Generator Machine Home Oxyhydrogen 600ml Hydrogen Inhalation Machine

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Dropshipping 300ml 900ml 1000ml Hydrogen Inhalation H2 Generator Machine Home Oxyhydrogen 600ml Hydrogen Inhalation Machine

Do you Know What is the Benefit of Hydrogen?
Hydrogen is the lightest gas in the world and has no toxic effects on humans (biosafety). Furthermore, the molecular weight of hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas is extremely small so that it can increase the pulmonary alveoli to intake oxygen quickly, reduce the airway resistance, and decrease its work of breathing, thus improving peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2). Meanwhile, hydrogen gas has a strong anti-inflammatory ability to prevent the decline of MOF(multiple organ failure)caused by acute inflammation by the virus. It can be used for confirmed lung diseasepatients patients from mild cases, to moderate cases and severe cases.
It the critical moment of the global shortage of ventilators, an innovative Class III respiratory medical device from China, Hydrogen Oxygen Generator with Nebulizer, is expected to alleviate the oxygen shortage crisis caused by another rampage of lung diseasepatients pandemic.
The design concept of the device is green, environmentally friendly and creative that the pure water is electrolyzed to produce 3 liters of hydrogen oxygen mixed gas (H2: 66.6%; O2: 33.3%) for patients with lung diseasepatients 2019 to inhale for therapy.

One Machine with Multiple Functions,It's Not Just Hydrogen Production

Product number
Hydrogen flow(mL/min)
Rated power (W)
Net weight (Kg)

Product Parameter
Product Name
Hydrogen generator
Hydrogen Purity
Power Input
AC220V ,50Hz
Relative Humidity
Water Quality Requirements
Double distilled water or pure drinking water

Product Size(mm)


After Professional Testing, Our Product Concentration Reaches 99.99%

Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Product Acessories:

Nasal Cannula


Headset with tube


 Goggle with tube




Product Advantages

Six Advantages to Create a Comfortable Experience

1. Beautiful Appearance. High-quality shell; touch large display.
2. Small size, easy to carry.
3. Humanized design: Quiet design; Voice broadcast; Can be timed for 10 hours; Intelligent recognition and detection.
4. Original imported: U.S. Dupont N117 Proton Membrane.Core components: electrolyzer composed of imported proton membrane, stainless steel and titanium alloy.
5. Support two modes for hydrogen absorption. hydrogen absorption/hydrogen-oxygen mixed; Double suction/single suction optional.
6. Multipe models are available.flow 300/600 ml/min optional.

Warning Tips

Do you know how to drain it?
Let's operate together according to the picture below!
1. Take out the drain connector and connect the drain connector to the drain pipe. When taking it out, try to pull it out by hand.
2. Before inserting the drain connector into the drain hole, prepare a container for the drained water.
3. Press down the metal piece and pull out the drain connector. If water leaks out when the drain pipe is separted from the drain connector, wipe it with gauze or towel.
4. Return the drain connector to its original position.


1. Don't rush for hydrogen absorption.
2. It is recommended to do it two hours after the meal, as far as possible to stagger with
the peak period of digestive system activity.
3. It is not advisable to take too long at the beginning of hydrogen absorption. Itis recommended that within half an hour, and then gradually increase the time.
4. Young people can increase relatively quickly,and older people try to slow down as much as possible.
5. After a period of inhalation, stop for a while to prevent hydrogen tolerance.

Packing & Delivery

                                                   PACKING AND SHIPPING
Thick and Safe Export Box
Carton Size
Carton Size
Usually ship by DHL Express
Usually ship by DHL Express

Company Introduction

Zhengzhou Olive Electronic Technology Co.,ltd, established in 2006, is a rapid growing enterprise who integrate the production and marketing of oxygen concentrator and related healthcare products. After 12 years' efforts and development, now we have become one of the leading oxygen concentrator manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are always keeping very kind relationship with many strong medical factories and research institutes in China. We have been enjoy high reputation in medical health care market domestically and internationally.

Our factory focus on produce most kinds of oxygen concentrators in China, which includes the home medical use oxygen concentrator, the portable oxygen concentrator, and the high flow oxygen concentrator,. With professional manufacturing plants, we can do the OEM for customers as required. The products we are producing are almost covering most of the oxygen concentrators which can be manufactured in China.

Quality product performance and good reputation, our products are not only successful sales in China, and have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions in the world, including: Germany, Japan, Italy, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil , India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other countries, the products are subject to a great welcome and praise.

Olive 's mission is "Create a platform to achieve self-worth! Focus on products and services and focus on the health and beauty of global users." and our Tenet is "A group of people with dreams, do meaningful things, bloom wonderful life !"We are always trying our best to offer the best services and the most competitive prices with high quality goods for our customer. It's the way we with our customers and the market.Given chance and full space, we would show you all of our advantages and let's grow up together. I'm sure we can establish long-term and friendly business relationship with your esteemed company because of your trust and our excellent service

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