large alfafa round baler silage packing machine with diesel engine

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Product Overview


Large alfafa round baler silage packing machine with diesel engine


Product Description




Introduction of Automatic Silage Baler and Wrapper


1.The automatic baling and wrapping machine realizes a fully automatic process in work production. It can bundle and wrap the crop straw and forage silage after being cut by the chaff cutter.


2.Bundling and wrapping the silage greatly reduces the cost of feed transportation and storage, reduces the labor intensity of the workers, and extends the feeding time of the green straw.


3.After the machine, the silage will naturally ferment, producing probiotics, beneficial bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, protein so that feed it to the cattle and sheep and other livestock easy to absorb and the growth rate will increase. Thus,the machine bring a real economy to the animal husbandry benefit.


4.The baling and wrapping machine integrates the user's thinking and integrates the advantages of similar products.The performance of this model has been proved to be beyond the level of similar products after long use.It is one of the necessary mechanical equipment for animal husbandry.


Product Details


Technical Parameters of Automatic Baler and Wrapper



9YDB-70 Silage Baler Machine




11kw+0.75kw+3kw+0.37kw electric motor


Bale size



Bale weight











Application of Automatic Baler and Wrapper 


silage packing machine hay baler and wrappers price supplier


Row Materials:

The available raw materials are wheat straw, corn straw, soybean straw and other crop straws or a variety of pasture grass.


Finished Products:

The baling type is round.The buyers can set the number of film layers on the package according to the length of storage time required.


Application for animals:

This machine is suitable for a variety of animal husbandry, such as farms,pastures and other places related to agricultural livestock to feed cattle,sheep ,horse etc.Many farmers and distributors have already purchased it.




What are the advantages of automatic silage baler and wrapper compared with traditional silage?


1.Good quality silage.Because the stretched film wrapped silage has good sealing performance, it improves the quality of lactic acid bacteria anaerobic fermentation environment and improves the nutritional value of feed.high crude protein content, low crude fiber content, high digestibility, good palatability, and high feed intake. Livestock utilization can reach 100%.


2.Mildew loss, fluid loss and feeding loss were all significantly reduced.however, traditional silage losses can reach 20% -30%.


3.Wide range of applications.Suitable packaging, small size, high density, easy to transport and commercialization.It ensures a balanced supply and long-term use of silage in modern livestock farms such as large, medium and small dairy farms, beef cattle farms, goat farms, and other farms.


4.Long shelf life.The compaction is good, and it is not affected by season, sun, rainfall and groundwater level. It can be stored in the open air for more than 2-3 years.





silage packing machine hay baler and wrappers price supplier



silage packing machine hay baler and wrappers price supplier


Packaging & Shipping

silage packing machine hay baler and wrappers price supplier



Many farmers and distributors have already purchased it ! 

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silage packing machine hay baler and wrappers price supplier

The automatic silage baler and wrapper is used in conjunction with a silage chaff cutter (9Z-6.5A) or a chaff cutting machine (9RSZ-6), which is more convenient and faster to operate.


Company Information


Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery Co.,Ltd is an enterprise integrating scientific research

,developing ,design, production and sales . We specialize in agriculture and farm machines. Our main products include Thresher,Sheller,Chaff cutter,Cultivator ,Grain Crusher,Rice Miller,Harvester, Reaper Binder,Seeder,Transplanter,etc . In recent years, our products have enjoyed great popularity in Africa and South East Asia market. With advanced technology and high quality experts team , we commit ourselves to providing superior quality and good service for every domestic and overseas customers . 


Our Customers


silage packing machine hay baler and wrappers price supplier




1. Can the machine be equipped with a diesel engine? How much horsepower is there with the diesel engine? How to start the diesel engine?

  Yes, it can be equipped with diesel engine. The diesel engine is diesel generator set, it can provide electricity to air compressor and film wrapping machine. The diesel engine is 15hp air-cooled diesel engine. It is an electric starter diesel engine.


2. How much kw of air compressor and film wrapping machine?

  Air compressor is 5.5kw and film wrapping machine is 1.1kw.


3. How many bales can this machine make in one hour?

  50-60 bales per hour.


4. How long can the bales be stored?

  About 2-3 years.


5. How do I know that the bin is full?

  When the bin is full, the alarm will ring and it should stop feeding.


6. When the bin is opened, does the bale fall onto the wrapping machine automatically or does someone need to push the bale onto the wrapping machine?

  When the bin door is opened, the bales will fall into the position of the wrapping machine automatically for wrapping.


7. How long is a bundle of rope? How many bales can be wind by rope?

  2500m, one bundle of rope can wind 85 pcs of bales


8. How wide and long is the plastic film? How many bales can a bundle of plastic film pack?

  The width of film is 25cm and its length is 1800m. If you want to wrap the bale 2 layers, one bundle of film can pack 80 bales. 3 layers is 55 bales.


9. What kind of baler machine can use net instead of rope? How wide and long is a bundle of nets, and how many bales can a bundle of nets pack? What is the difference between bundling with a rope and bundling with a net?

   Automatic baler machine both can use net and rope. The width of one bundle of net is 51cm and its length is 2000m. One bundle of net can pack 350-400bales. The cost of bundling with a rope is low, the rope can be eaten. The efficiency of bundling with a net is high. A bundle of net is more expensive than a bundle of rope and net cannot be eaten.


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