Поставка литиевой батареи 48 В 200 ач Lifepo4 литий ионная батарея солнечная батарея Power lifepo4 (1600441457072)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Lifepo4 Battery 48V 200Ah 48v home energy storage
RS485 LiFePo4 Solar Battery Phosphate Lithium Lifepo4 Solar Batteries Pack US Warehouse 48V 100Ah rack-mount battery 5KWh Solar Battery LiFePo4 Lithium ion-LFP-rechargeable-off-grid power supply US Warehouse 10 Years Warranty 48 v 48V 200AH 100Ah Lithium Ion Batteries 10Kwh Power Wall Battery Home battery power wall lifepo4 48V 5KWH 7KWH 10KWH 6000CYCLE power wall off Grid Energy Storage System lifepo4 100ah power wall 48V100ah 48volt 100ah Lithium Ion Battery 48v lifepo4 battery 48v power supply Energy Power Storage Wall 5Kwh 10kwh 20Kwh Power wall
48V 100Ah lithium ion battery for solar Energy storage
storage 48V 10Kw Phosphate Battery 200Ah 10Kwh Power 48 Volt LiFePO4 Pack Battery Solar Lithium ion Battery 48V 200Ah system LFP power bank us5000 batterySolar off-Grid Rechargeable 5kw LiFePO4 Battery 48V100ah 48volt 100ah Lithium Ion Battery 48v lifepo4 battery deep cycle lithium/lifepo4 battery 48v 200ah pack for solar 48v500ah lithium battery system and golf cart deep circle rechargeable lifepo4 battery 24v/48v 200ah lithium ion battery for solar backup/car/Green 48v 600ah lithium solar battery pack with 6000cycles 48v 600ah lifepo4 homesolar backup battery

About Us


Guangdong Sunbang Technology Group Founded in 2012.
SUNBANG specializes in R&D and manufacturing of various lithium battery packs.
Our products are certified by UL, CE, CB, BIS, MSDS, UN38.3, IEC.Our products are widely used in solar energy storage systems, communication base stations UPS, electronic equipment, electric bicycles, electric scooters,golf carts, forklift, yachts, RVs, intelligent Robots and other field.
After 10 years of accumulation in the lithium battery industry, SUNBANG is now in a leading position in the customized production services of various lithium battery packs in the world.
As a national high-tech enterprise,In the past 3 years.SUNBANG has a large number of automated production and quality inspection equipment, and adopts a variety of quality inspection processes to ensure product quality to the greatest extent which can provide customers with high-quality products.
The R&D technical team of more than 15 engineers and the professional sales team of 20 salesmen can provide customers with more professional OEM/ODM services.
We firmly believe that quality assurance and integrity are the basis of cooperation.

Production Projects

48V Solar Inverter Battery 5Kw 6Kw 10Kw 48V 50Ah 100Ah 120Ah 200Ah LiFePO4 Pack Battery 48V Lithium ion Phosphate Battery 48V 5Kw10Kw Inverter Battery 6000 Cycle 32 Parallel 16S 200A BMS Lithium Phosphate Battery LiFePO4 Solar Pack Battery 48V 200AhOEM ODM5KW 10KW Solar Energy Storage Inverter Battery
Lithium ion Phosphate Battery 48V 100Ah LiFePO4 Pack Battery 6000 Deep Cycle Max 32 Parallel LiFePO4 Solar Inverter Battery 7.68Kwh Power Pack Battery Lithium Phosphate Battery 48V 150AhBasen Battery System 48V 5KWH 9.6KWH 10KWH 51.2v 100ah 200Ah 300Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Batteries Solar 48v 10kw energy storage solar system battery 48v 200ah battery pack lithium ion 48v battery 48v 50AH 80AH 100ah 150AH 200ah lifepo4 battery pack solar energy system storage 48v Lithium ion Battery BR-48100B 48V 51.2V 100AH 5kwh 16S lifepo4 battery pack for solar energy storage battery solar 48V 50AH 100AH 200AH battery pack lifepo4 48v battery LCD optional 4.8kwh 5.12kwh 15S 16S lifepo4 48V 51.2V 100AH solar battery Wall mounted solar battery 5KWH 10KWH lithium ion cell
lifepo4 48v 51.2v 100ah 105ah 200ah 230ah 48V 50AH 100AH 200ah 5kw 10kw battery pack for electric bike Golf cart solar battery Deep Cycle Longer lifespan safe EV 48V 100ah Golf cart LiFePO4 lithium ion battery Golf Cart Long Cycle Life EV LifePo4 Battery 48V 100Ah 200AhCenter Power Solar Solutions 10 Years Warranty
Lifepo4 Litium Power wall 48V 200Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries For House Solar System 48v golf carts electric lithium battery 51.2V 105Ah Golf Cart LiFePO4 Battery OEM warranty 10 years lithium battery 48V 100ah 200ah 5Kw 7Kw 10Kw power wall for home solar system Power home wall Hybrid 48V 200Ah LiFePO4

Construction of Enterprise Culture

We attach great importance to the physical and mental health of our employees and regularly organize various team activities.Multiple benefits create a harmonious and good team.
There are also various birthday celebrations and weekly afternoon tea.

International Exhibition

Over the past ten years, we have participated in a total of 25 exhibitions all over the world.
These pictures only show the exhibitions we have participated in recently, we plan to participate in 5 exhibitions all over the world in the next year,SUNBANG Group warmly welcome you to visit us.

Packing & Delivery

Deep Cycle Solar RV Caravan Marine 12 volt Lithium Ion Batteries 12V 100ah LiFePO4 Battery 12V 100Ah 300ah
OEM 12V 24V 48V 20Ah 100Ah 120Ah 200Ah 280Ah Solar Lithium ion Phosphate Battery LiFePO4 Battery Pack solar energy system 12.8V 200Ah LiFePo4 Battery Pack lifepo4 12V 200ah 12V 50Ah 100Ah 200Ah 300Ah 400Ah Lifepo4 battery pack with bms for Solar System RV Electric Car Scooter Motorcycle Boat Solar 90ah 100ah 200ah 230ah 280ah 302ah prismatic LiFePO4 cell for battery pack 12V 300ah Lifepo4 Pack for solar system golf carts 12V 300ah 12v battery 90ah 100ah 135ah 3.2v Lithium battery cell rechargeable battery lifepo4 Deep cycle lithium ion battery prismatic lifepo4 solar 12v 400ah Best Seller US Germany UK Canada 12 v lithium ion batteries battery with bluetooth BMS Deep Cycle Rechargeable Lithium Ion Lifepo4 Solar Battery 12v 100ah Lithium Ion Battery 12v Rechargeable LiFePO4


1. Who are we?
Guangdong Sunbang Technology Group Founded in 2012.Our factory located in Jiangmen,Guangdong,China.
After 10 years of accumulation in the lithium battery industry, SUNBANG is now in a leading position in the customized production services of various lithium battery packs in the world.

2. How can we guarantee quality?
Strict raw material suppliers and raw material quality control;
Always do pre-production samples before mass production;
Staff professional training and Strict production process control;
Multiple quality inspection processes;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

3. What can you purchase from us?
Any types of LiFePO4 Battery Pack,
Lithium Ion Battery Pack,
LiFePO4 and Lithium Ion Battery Cell,
Battery Accessories

4. Why choose us?
Over 10 years battery industry experience
Support Full OEM/ODM service
Strict quality control
Professional R&D team
Convenient after sale service
China PINGAN assured

5. What services can we provide?
Accepted Delivery Incoterm: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, FAS, CIP, FCA, DEQ, DDP, DDU, DAF.
Accepted Shipping Method: By Air, By Sea, By Train, By Truck.
Accepted Payment Currency: USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, CNY, CHF.
Accepted Payment Type: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, MoneyGram, Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, Cash, Escrow.
Language Spoken:English,Chinese,Spanish,Japanese,Portuguese,German,Arabic,French,Russian,Korean,Hindi,Italian.

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