Factory Price 97% of purifying rate Kitchen ESP Air Purifier for Commercial Chimney oil fume purification

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Product Description

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Electrostatic Precipitator(ESP)
Oil&Fume purifier

1>Three-stage ESP electrostatic technology:
2>Patented three-segment structure electric field:
3>Sawtooth + high-voltage tungsten wire ionization technology
4>Dual-frequency high-voltage ion power supply:
5>Flexibility to install

Product description
Ecohero 3 stages of Electrostatic Precipitator(ESP) purification in standard ( Intelligent Auto Wash, PDP25 Intelligent Odour Elimination can be added, Price cacualte extraly,Use for removed and decompose oily fume, odour。

Ecohero oil fume purifier is a three-stage electrostatic adsorption type, used to remove fine-sized hydrocarbons and other airborne particles. Its three-stage type refers to the ionization section and the collection section. Each ionization section is composed of a series of serrations + tungsten wires, which are installed in the middle of a series of grounding plates. It is also supplied with high-voltage direct current. When the particles in the atmosphere pass through the strong electrostatic field of the ionizer, they are ionized and carry a positive or negative charge.

Each collection section is composed of a large number of parallel plates, which are supplied with high-voltage direct current (the polarity is the same as that of the ionizer, but the voltage is halved) to form an electric field. The charged particles are attracted by the ground plate and are also driven by the charged plate. Because of this, when the airflow contains charged particles, it can be efficiently removed. The collection component must ensure that it passes through the collection section quickly when ensuring the stable distribution of the airflow. The air flow is powered by a fan located behind the collection component, which makes the air flow at a specific speed.

Model No. :
Purifying rate:
Power supply:
220V 50HZ
Max Power:
Standing Power:
Less than 10W
Air Volume:
Product size:

szie of electric fileld:
wind resistance:
less than 180pa
Flange size:

NINGBO KEHANG ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, Ecohero Brand is an environmentally-friendly technology enterprise specializing in product development, design, production and sales in the field of environmental protection. We rely on professional R&D and innovation capabilities, school-enterprise cooperation, and working closely with foreign experts on designing,producing and improving the various products through these years.

Till now KeHang has developed various products , such as : high-efficiency (Electrostatic Precipitator ) ESP Purifiers, DBD Ionizers, Ion Air Sterilizers, Ozone & UV Air Sterilizer , Fresh Air Ventilation System and other environmental-friendly products.We focus on using green technology with eco-friendly materials and equipments in the process of solving our customers' problem such as stinky odour , germs problems, pest infestation and air pollution, also meet the huge demands of solving the Kitchen fume problems for big restaurants or residence buildings according to the regulations and requirements from Chinese Environmental Protection Administration.

This whole set of ESP equipments also help reducing PM2.5 when it's turned to service air outdoors.KEHANG also provides quality OEM or ODM services to domestic and foreign customers, strives to be the stable and reliable partner for our valued customers in their marketing.

5-Stages oil fume purification fresh air system with Auto cleaning system

Ecohero's original 5-stage oil fume purification fresh air system allows oil fume to be purified for the first time when it is discharged from the range hood into the pipe, and then it is purified by ESP for the second time. Our ESP equipment can also be equipped with a biological enzyme automatic The cleaning device will automatically clean our electric field and reduce equipment maintenance costs. Finally, the fresh air we emit is also equipped with a cloud data detection system, which can help the government detect the local air quality and accurately control the air quality in each area.

Original biological enzyme cleaning fluid Technology

High energy active oxygen PDP module durability

PDP module with 1 year service life. 

Easy basis for repairs and maintenance every quarter.


Durable package with plate. Can Delivery by Sea, Air, Express.


How to choose the model I need? Air Flow is the key !

★1: Check the air flow of exhaust fan, then choose an ESP device larger than that. For example, the exhaust fan is 7000CMH, then
you will need ESP device of 8000CMH.

★2 : Check the covering area of range hood, then do the math. Usually 1-meter-long range hood requires 2000CMH to 2500CMH air
flow. For example, Ana's range hood is 1.2m in width and 2m in length, then she will need an ESP of 4000CMH.

Where to install my ESP device? Cubic ESP device can be installed anywhere between range hood and exhaust fan.

For fire safety, we strongly suggest you put a fire damper after ESP device.

How often should I do the maintenance? The maintenance is mainly about to clean the honeycomb structure fume collectors. We
suggest the user shall clean the cells every 4-6 weeks. Or whenever the maintenance light lights up.

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Other technology of Ecohero

Manufacturing Technique

High Energy DBD plasma ion technology

DBD plasma ionizer lamp(Dielectric Barrier Discharge) is based on the light absorption theory of Albert Einstein and Paul Habicht. This theory was proved for the first time in 1910 using a potential multiplier, that is possible to reproduce the electricity naturally found in air in a room using an Air Ionizer. It is belongs to cold plasma ions technology.

Much like sunlight does in the atmosphere, EcoHero Ion Generator technology produces a natural bio-climate rich in oxygen molecules.
It creates a measurable and controllable quantity 1miilion of negative and positive air ions(Rate 3:2).These activate the oxygen molecules with uneven polarity and they form clusters of 10 to 60 molecules clinging together . This raises the air’s electrical potential , restoring its conductivity .

Typically, one to two million clusters are formed per liter of air passing by the Ion unit. Room air is enriched when clusters interact with the stale air in the room. The higher energy ions and molecules start immediately to disinfect the air (kill bacteria) and nentralize odors without resorting to harmful means such as ultra violet and chemical additives or introduction of ozone.

2 Main features : Sterilization and Odor Neutralization

Beneficial: the lungs of humans and animals absorb oxygen much more efficiently from clean ionized air , enhancing general well-being and concentration.

VOC control: ION GENERATOR also assist in healthier living by breaking down Volative Organic Compound gases (VOC’s). These can be found where there is carpeting, building material , furniture , office equipment, cleaning agents ,paints , glues, solvents and pesticides. Eco-friendly : reacting with all different kinds of contaminants , it finally becomes water and carbon dioxide, no second pollution or any residual.
Safe: ozone output is lower than 0.03 PPM fitting to the strict requirement of ozone output in the world, which is safe and gentle to human.

Reliable: Model DBD85 series of DBD Ionizer as central air conditioning cleaning device , has been passed the most authority organization Testing ‘China Green Product Quality Control Inspection Center ’, the testing result is that within 48 hours, HCHO removed by 82%, TVOC removed by 87%, and within 6 hours, bacterias removed by 96.36% .

Ambient Temperature:running 0~40℃(but not frozen) Storage -10~55℃

Ambient Humidity : running 70%(but not dew formation ) Storage 85%(but not frozen)

Application : fitting for KTV or Lift, Health Spa Gym’s , Kitchens (home), Living Areas, Medical Doctors Rooms , Meeting Rooms, Offices, Physiotherapy’s Restaurants (small), etc, it also can add on the HVAC,Air Conditioning System,Fan system for Purification and disinfection.


Why need purifier module on HVAC system?
* Indoor air quality: Hospitals are a challenging environment when it comes to air quality. They need a consistently high indoor air quality to ensure the health of staff and patients – and are also dealing with a high level of airborne germs and contaminants from sick patients and the outdoor environment. This means that HVAC systems need to be functioning properly at all times to ensure a safe environment for all people within it.
* Cleanliness and hygiene: Hospitals have to stay at the highest levels of cleanliness to ensure that they can provide a high standard of care. This is especially important for hospital wards, clean rooms and operating rooms. Here, air temperature, air pressure, humidity and air filtration all have to be maintained at specific levels for patient comfort and to reduce risk of infection.
* Minimize bacteria and mold risks: Temperature and humidity levels have to remain consistent throughout the hospital to minimize bacterial growth and the risk of mold, which can endanger the health of patients and staff. HVAC systems have to also be kept clean and well-maintained to prevent mold growth inside the system.
* Reduce energy costs: Hospitals have to run 24/7 and constantly use equipment and lighting that is a massive drain on energy, so it’s important that efficiencies are introduced wherever possible – including in the HVAC system. A well-designed and maintained can make a considerable impact on energy usage, saving on operational costs.

Use Electrostatic dust removal system + air sterilization module for HVAC system, Not only can bring hospital a clean and fresh air, but also can increase the using life of HVAC system, reduce the maintace fee.

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