KINGWOOL 1430 128kg/m3 density refractory fire resistant insulation zirconium blanket

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Product Overview


KINGWOOL® Ceramic Fiber Blanket is a lightweight insulating product. It has low thermal mass which means that it does not retain heat, low thermal conductivity and is an extremely effective insulation material. Its high thermal shock resistance make it suitable for applications where traditional refractories cannot be used. So called Refractory Ceramic Fiber is made from high purity alumino-silicate materials.


The technical data of refractory ceramic fiber board in below, we can offer 1000,1260,1360,1430 ceramic fiber blanket.

KINGWOOL® Ceramic Fiber Blanket is composed of long, flexible, interwoven FIBERs manufactured by the 'blown' and 'spun' process yielding a strong, lightweight yet durable fiber blanket for applications in a temperature range from 1260℃ to 1600℃.
The color of KINGWOOL® Ceramic Fiber Blanket is pure white, and sufract is flat. The size can be cut as your require.

By adding a small amount of high-purity alumina silicate fiber binders, KINGWOOL® Ceramic Fiber Blanket is made through automation control and continuous production process, with a host of features such as precise size, good flatness, high compressive strength, lightweight, excellent thermal shock resistance and anti-stripping, which can be widely used for insulation in the linings around and at the bottom of kilns, as well as ceramic kilns fire position, craft glass mold and other positions.

Application of KINGWOOL® Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Features of KINGWOOL® Ceramic Fiber blanket:
1. High tensile strength
2. bLow thermal conductivity and heat storage
3. Excellent insulating performance
4. Excellent chemical stability
5. Good sound absorption

IKING GROUP established in 1992, a leading manufacturer and exporter of Glass Wool, Rock Wool, Rubber Foam, Ceramic Fiber Insulation in China.
After more than 26 years' development, now we have our own brand ISOKING™,FIRSTFLEX™,KINGWOOl™,which are popular among international market due to high quality, competitive price and sincere service.

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