Фильтр из спеченной сетки для контроля распределительной пластины газа

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Product Overview


The gas distribution control has been widely applied for the powder materialtransport and fluidization operation during the industry operation process. Thefluidization technology is an important method for mass transfer, heat transfer andchemical reaction during chemical industry process. During this course the gasdistribution control requires the sintered mesh plate with fine permeability as the mesh plate that control the gas distribution.

Products Description

Standard materials
SUS316L SUS304
Standard specification
Dimensions shall be not more than 1200* 1000 mm, the thickness shall be 2-12 mm.
Filtration precision
Special specification
it can be supplied as required by the buyer.

Structure and features
1. Uniform clearance distribution, stable control of flow and resistance;
2. High strength, strong rigidity, facilitated assembly. installation andmaintenance;
3. Fine mass transfer, heat transfer and fluidization effect, high efficiency low air consumption;
4. High temperature and corrosion resistance, wide applicable scope;
5. High operating flexibility. facilitated process adjustment, no leakage of material, elimination of troubles like short circuit and block; long service life;
6. The sintered metal plate is widely used for the blowing operation of alumina and blast furnace coal dust. The product dimensions shall be not more than 1200* 1000mm, the thickness shall be 2-12mm.
Main purpose
1. Used for deconcentrated cooling material under high temperature;
2. Used for air distribution, liquid bed pore plate;
3. Used as high precision and high reliability and high temperature filtration material;
4. Used for high pressure back washing oil filter.

Core Filter Elements

Titanium Sintered Filter Tube
Stainless steel sintered filter disc

Stainless steel sintered filter pipe
Stainless steel wire mesh filter

Titanium sintered filter pipe
Titanium sintered filter cartridge

Stainless steel sintered filter plate
Stainless steel sintered filter pipe

Processing Flow


1. Secondary filter for various hydraulic oils and lubricating oils of machineryindustry;
2. Filtration and purification for the molten polymers of chemical fiber and filmindustry;
3. Filtration of high-temperature corrosive solutions of petrochemical industry;
4. Pharmacy material filtration, washing and drying.

Packing and Delivery

Company Profile

Baoji Qixin Titanium Co.,ltd.
Baoji Qixin Titanium Co,. Ltd is located in "The Chinese Titanium Valley" who has specialized in Titanium Anode and Titanium Material for 16 years .
Our company is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in producing Titanium Anode,Titanium
Materials & Titanium Products and other filter elements.

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