Automatic intelligent applicator agricultural irrigation fertilizer machine

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online Fertilizer - B
FISMART-B is a small flow machine with a variety of traffic models optional to meet different capacity irrigation needs.FISMART-B is small and exquisite, and the mold injection molding is the best choice for small and medium-sized greenhouse festival.

L1226* W910* H1380mm
powered by
EC/PH detection
Standard dual channel EC / pH
Enter water pressure
Water Lift
Fertilizer injection capacity
Sanli chemical UPVC
Pipeline pressure
110LMixing barrel
Fertilizer blending method
EC / pH automatic adjustment or proportional adjustment Fertilizer absorption ratio can be set for each channel

Beautiful and exquisite industrial design Redefine fertilization machine
Based on the double consideration of beauty and durability Integrated injection molding Overturn your traditional understanding of fertilization machine.

High quality water pump provides power
This machine comes with domestic first-line brand water pump (south), providing a stable and reliable output for irrigation systems.

Double EC/pH design guarantee crop safety
Sensor deviationalarm, large deviation automatic downtime, safeguard crop safety.

Oversized touch terminal operation is more silky
It can be used not only as a man-machine interface, but also as a gateway. Provide4G / networkport / WiFi andother networking methods to solve the poor networkin the agricultural field.

Packaging & Delivery

Step 1: Design greenhouse drawings and plans

Step 2: Pack the greenhouse covering materials in woven bags

Step 3: Provide an introduction to the greenhouse in English

Step 4: Check the waterproof index for suitable and practical packaging

Step 5: Communicate with logistics to check appropriate details

Step 6: Control the delivery of each line. According to customer requirements.

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1. Determine the planting crops 
Different crops have different growth characteristics and different irrigation schemes. Therefore, clearly planting crops is a prerequisite for rationally configuring an irrigation system, and it is also an important reference factor for judging whether an irrigation system is reasonable. 

2. Use soil cultivation or soilless cultivation 
Whether soil cultivation or soilless cultivation is adopted may affect the amount and frequency of irrigation of crops, which must be taken into account in the calculation of irrigation system. 

3. Determine the type of irrigation 
The specific selection of sprinklers, sprinkler trucks or drip arrows to irrigate crops requires full consideration of the types and growth periods of crops. 

4. Determine the layout of the entire system 
Determine the number of solenoid valves, the flow rate of each solenoid valve area, and the end working pressure. 

5. Installation, commissioning and after-sales service of irrigation and fertilizer applicators 
During the installation of electrical or PVC pipes, we can provide technical support by remote means such as telephone.

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