Оцинкованная катушка с цветным покрытием на крыше от прямого производителя по оптовой цене

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Product Overview


Product Description


PPGI is pre-painted galvanized iron, also known as pre-coated steel, coil coated steel, color coated steel etc., typically with a hot dip zinc coated steel substrate.


The term is an extension of GI which is a traditional abbreviation for Galvanized Iron. Today the term GI typically refers to essentially pure zinc (>99%) continuously hot dip coated steel, as opposed to batch dip processes. PPGI refers to factory pre-painted zinc coated steel, where the steel is painted before forming, as opposed to post painting which occurs after forming.


The hot dip metallic coating process is also used to manufacture steel sheet and coil with coatings of aluminum, or alloy coatings of zinc/aluminum, zinc/iron and zinc/aluminum/magnesium which may also be factory pre-painted. While GI may sometimes be used as a collective term for various hot dip metallic coated steels, it more precisely refers only to zinc coated steel. Similarly, PPGI may sometimes be used as a general term for a range of metallic coated steels that have been pre-painted, but more often refers more precisely to pre-painted zinc coated steel.


Zinc coated steel substrate for PPGI is typically produced on a continuous galvanizing line (CGL). The CGL may include a painting section after the hot dip galvanising section, or more commonly the metallic coated substrate in coil form is processed on a separate continuous paint line (CPL). Metallic coated steel is cleaned, pre-treated, applied with various layers of organic coatings which can be paints, vinyl dispersions, or laminates. The continuous process used to apply these coatings is often referred to as Coil Coating.


The steel thus produced in this process is a preprinted, prefinished and ready for further processing into finished products or components. to use material.


The coil coating process may be used for other substrates such as aluminum, or aluminum, stainless steel or alloy coated steel other than "pure" zinc coated steel. However, only "pure" zinc coated steel is typically referred to as PPGI.



 We sell the goods globally. The stainless steel coil is used for different purposes in most cases. We want to talk about our valuable customer's demand for the consequences. To begin with, we cordially invite them to visit our factory and arranged a meeting for their demand. If not possible because of the pandemic situations, we started a meeting service over social media such as WeChat, Skype, WhatsApp, or any other convenient platform. To customize the products, the clients need to tell us the style and the material details that they want to buy. After confirmation of the quality assurance, we will be going to production. 2.png


Product Display



We maintain standard sea packing. We also accepted customization packaging.1.jpg2.jpg1.jpg5.jpg


1. We have three different types of delivery systems. In most cases, we experienced sea shipment from our nearest port. In the meantime, we have also provided the road and air modes of freight transport services.


2. We have a logistic company for the delivery of your goods in case you need this service. We respect your choices to choose the logistic company by your side or our side. We are delighted to do both services.Shipping.jpgBest shipping.jpgInternational Freight.png






Our Services

Please feel free to contact us on any day. We are eagerly waiting for your interest and queries.



1. Can you visit the company?
First of all, you are welcome to visit our company on any day. We cordially invite you to visit our
offices as well as the factory.

2. How can you trust us?
We believe that business is all about gaining the trust of the customers. Therefore, we can guarantee that
your investment will remain 100% safe. Moreover, we never disclose our client's information to others.

3. Do the factory satisfy the big order?
Of course, we can accomplish the big order. We have more than 1000 employees in the factory.

4. What about the quality?
We maintain the best quality up to date. At present, we have 55 top researchers in the R&D section in our
company. They are working hard to provide the best quality of the goods to the clients.

5. What about MOQ?
We are taking the order at least 1 ton. And for the customization, at least 2 tons.

6. What about the delivery time?
Typically, we send our goods within 7-10 days after making the order. We negotiate
about the time limit for the big order with our customers. We must give priority to your decision.

7. What kind of payment method does your company support?
T/T, 100% L/C at sight, Cash, Western Union, MoneyGram are all accepted. If you have other
payment methods, please let us know. We will consider that method if possible.


8. Can you take samples?

Of course, we can send the samples. When you give the order we deduct the sample price.




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