Bioevopeak Autoclave Class B Benchtop Type STB B 2A Series with CE certificate (1600447545351)

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1Bioevopeak Autoclave Class B Benchtop Type STB-B-2A Series 



  1. Based on the new class B, have 3 pulsating vacuum, vacuum up to -900 kPa (-0.09 MPa). Residual humidity is <0.2. Suitable to sterilizing wrap, unwrap, solid, porous, hollow device.

  2. Use imported & advanced 16-bit microprocessor, easy to operate. Suitable for the Dept of Stomatology, Ophthalmology, Surgery and Lab.

  3. Equipped with B&D test and vacuum test procedures. To test the penetrability.

  4. Chamber punched by stainless steel (#304, thickness: 2.5mm), together with the jet type of steam generator self-cleaning ensures the efficient sterilizing.

  5. With alarm system for waste water tank, it avoid the waste water entering into the sterilizing circulation and make the sterilization completely.

  6. Precise LED display and advanced self-test system ensure you get the working data freely.

  7. Double lock door system for safety during operation.

  8. Inbuilt printer and USB are optional. The disinfection process data and date can be automatically printed.


Suitable to sterilizing wrap, unwrap, solid, porous, hollow device. Suitable for the Dept of Stomatology, Ophthalmology, Surgery and Lab


ModelPowerVoltageFrequencyTank CapacityAppearance Size (mm)Inside Dimension (mm)package Dimension (mm)G·W
STB-B23-2A2000 WAC220V/110V±10%50/60Hz±1Hz23Litres445×640×395Φ249×450740×550×50053 kg
STB-B18-2A1800 WAC220V/110V±10%50/60Hz±1Hz18Litres445×550×395Φ249×355670×550×50048 kg
STB-B16-2A1800 WAC220V/110V±10%50/60Hz±1Hz16Litres445×550×395Φ230×360670×550×50047 kg
STB-B12-2A1800 WAC220V/110V±10%50/60Hz±1Hz12Litres445×550×395Φ200×360670×550×50046 kg

Technical parameter

Sterilization levelCLASS B (European Class B)
Sterilization temperature134℃/121℃
Special sterilizationKill active HV,HBV,BSE and spore
Drying programStrong vacuum drying,the residual humidity<0.2%
DisplayWidescreen LED display
TestBowie & Dick steam penetration test, Vacuum test, Helix spiral test
SafetySafety valve, pressure lock, fault self-check
Sterilization record OptionalInbuilt printer and USB to record the sterilization process and date
Water supply system3L distiller water tank,3L waste water tank
Cleaning programAutomatic clean inside pipe and steam generator
Sterilization configuration5 layers, 3 trays (circular shape, more space in actual use)




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