Заводская распродажа, тренажер для мышц с электростимуляцией/ems электрический стимулятор мышц/Моделирование похудения, Контурирование тела (1600449714849)

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Product Overview


Product Description

* Offer your clients the latest in cutting edge body contouring treatment technology
* Just turn on and let the system do the work for you
* Simple and easy to use operation
* Zero consumables
* Non-invasive, no downtime, no side effects and pain-free
* Comes with 4 applicators, allowing treatments for stomach, buttocks, arms, and thighs
*.The double handles can work simultaneously
*.Contribute to postpartum repair
*.Lie down for 30 minutes only=5.5 hours of training
*.Improve obesity and improve weight loss efficiency
*.Reduce chronic pain in muscles and joints

Working Principle

Using (High Energy Focused Electromagnetic Wave) technology to continuously expand and contract autologous muscles and carry out extreme training to deeply reshape the internal structure of the muscle,that is, the growth of muscle fibrils (muscle enlargement) and produce new protein chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), so as to train and increase muscle density and volume.The 100% extreme muscle contraction of EMS technology can trigger a large amount of fat decomposition,Fatty acids are broken down from triglycerides and accumulated in fat cells.The concentrations of fatty acids are too high ,causing the fat cells to apoptosis, which is excreted by the body's normal metabolism within a few weeks. Therefore, slim beauty machine can strengthen and increase muscle, and reduce fat at the same time.

It’s a non-invasive private beauty instrument that uses the most advanced high-intensity focused magnetic wave technology to directly stimulate motor neurons to control the pelvic floor muscles, so that it can achieve 100% extreme training without pain, just like doing more than 10,000 muscle exercises.Therefore,it can be used to deeply train and strengthen the muscles to restore their thickness and elasticity and enhance pelvic floor muscle strength and elasticity, restore pelvic floor function to keep private state young;It’s suitable for urine leakage or sexual dysfunction caused by weak pelvic floor muscles and it can be used across clothing..


Extreme muscle training beyond the limits of muscle movement, easy to have abdominal muscles and mermaid line


Electrical Requirement
110/220V 50/60Hz
Magnetic induction amplitude(Intensity)
0-7 (Max) Tesla ±20%
Working Time
1%-100% Strong
1-150HZ adjustable
More than 30000 times
Cooling system
Air cooling


Cooling system
The air cooling system prevents the treatment head from generating high temperature, which greatly improves the stability of energy output.

Five Sculpting
Two Magnetic Stimulation Applicators to treat all of your concerns simultaneously.

High Effeciency
Saving time and effort, only lying down for 30 minutes = 30000 muscle contractions (equivalent to 30000 belly rolls / squats)

High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Technology
It’s safe and non-invasive, non-current, non-hyperthermia, and non-radiation, and no recovery period.

During the treatment, there is only a feeling of muscle contraction, no pain and no sweat, and there is no side effects on the body.

There are sufficient experimental studies to prove that the treatment effect is remarkable. It only takes 4 treatments within two weeks, and every half an hour, you can see the effect of reshaping the lines in the treatment site.

Before & After


Q: Who is suitable for slim beauty machine?
A: This technique can provide beneficial muscle tightening for most people. Only pregnant and lactating women
should not be treated;For women who are close to menstruation, if they receive treatment, menstruation may come earlier or they may experience stronger abdominal cramps. Therefore, we recommend that they avoid treatment during this period.If the body is under the following conditions, people cannot receive treatment: metal or electronic implants at the treatment site, pacemaker implantation, defibrillator implantation, neurostimulator implantation, drug pump implantation, malignant Swelling, epilepsy, recent surgery.
Q: Which parts of the body can be used slim beauty machine ?
A:It was approved by CE, it can improve the muscle lines of buttocks and abdomen, and also help to promote fatmetabolism. The most suitable parts are: abdomen, buttock, triceps.
Q: What do users need to prepare for using the slim beauty machine ?
A: It’s recommended that users wear comfortable clothes so that they can position themselves flexibly in the
Q: Does it hurt ?
A: The program itself is painless. There is no need for anesthesia. Just lie down and use two panels at the same
time to apply high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. The feeling during treatment is best compared to
your muscle feeling during intense exercise.
Q: Does it safe ?
A: It has obtained the dual safety and effectiveness certification of CE, and the process is painless and
Q: How long will you see the effect after the treatment? ?
A: some users found that the abdominal muscle line had improved one day after the treatment. To achieve the
effect of breaking down fat and increasing muscle, 4 treatments were needed. The best effect is 2-4 weeks after the course of treatment. After the treatment, it can reduce fat by 19% and increase muscle by 16%.
Q: How long can the effect last ?
A: Do 4 times, the effect can be up to six months. But some people may need additional treatments for best results. If you take the course every 2-3 months, you can better maintain the optimal state.

Company Profile

Beijing Sunrise Science&Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional aesthetic & medical equipment manufacturers in China who sets development, research, production, sale and after-sale in one.

We've already independently researched and developed Laser, IPL, Elight, SHR, OPT,Cryolipolysis, Lipolaser, Ultrasound Cavitation, Vacuum, RF, Water Oxygen, Vascular Removal, LED, ect products. We established wide range of technical cooperation in the long-term with the Institute of photoelectric in the United States, Germany, Israel and Japan, which formed our advanced R&D new product development processes and project management system. It can meet our customers' needs about products of quick, high quality and low-cost.
At the same time, we has established its own global brand, OEM/ODM aesthetic&medical equipment production base and throughout service system. We adopt international advanced production management, and achieved ISO13485 international quality management system certification. In addition, all our products have acquired CE certification.

Beijing Sunrise,sincerely and warmly welcome customers from all over the world!

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