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Product Overview


lpr camera sensor for parking guidance

Product Description



The HD Video Parking Space Detector is a detector device used to detect the presence or absence of a vehicle in the parking space of a parking guidance system and reverse car search system. The Embedded intelligent digital monitoring products integrate the traditional Analog Detectors and the Network Video Servers. The video parking space detector comprises of Video Recognition and Parking Space Indicator. The detector uses video recognition to detect the occupancy status of 1 to 6 parking spaces in real-time. It uploads the detected results to the server through the network. The Parking Space Detector can guide the vehicle to quickly find an empty parking space by the red and green status of the Parking Status Indicator.

By utilizing the advanced video and image processing technology, it can perform parking status processing and license plate recognition for the captured parking space image information. The comprehensive functionalities of the Parking Space Detector include capturing the pictures of the vehicle, recognizing the license plate number and detecting the status of parking space occupancy.

It is mainly used in the field of indoor large parking lots to solve the problems of difficulty in parking and finding a car.






1. LPR Camera Sensor

Camera sensor is designed for detecting vehicles in front of each parking space. and license plate recognition based technology employ for detection of real-time vehicle license plate number.


  • 1 Sensor Detect 1-3 Parking Space

  • Real Time Monitoring Parking Space Status

  • TCP/IP Communication Protocol With RS485 Port,to Connect Guidance Screen

  • Snap on Base,Easy to Install and Adjustment







2.Indoor LED Display

A parking guidance display screen is installed at important intersections in the parking lot. The guidance screen is composed of high-brightness LED modules, drive units, brackets and other parts. It receives the output information of the centralized controller, displays the number of empty parking spaces in the area in the form of numbers, arrows, etc., guides car owners to find empty parking spaces quickly, and ensures unblocked parking and full use of parking spaces.





3.Outdoor Guide LED Display

A large parking guide screen is installed at each entrance of the parking lot to display information about the remaining parking spaces in the parking lot. The display screen is composed of high-brightness LED modules, drive circuits, brackets and other parts. It receives the parking statistics information of the centralized controller, and displays the current number of empty parking spaces in the parking lot in numbers and texts in real time, prompting the vehicle drivers who are ready to enter. Use it 24 hours a day.




  • High light LED display module

  • Built-in light box 3 digits number and arrow show direction

  • Arrow direction adjustable, or set as 4 digits number

  • Support 1-2 LED display module

  • Outdoor waterproof housing




Input Voltage

AC220V±10% /1A

Output Voltage




Baud rate


LED module

P4.75,64*32 dot array                                  when number 0,show red color;

number as 1~9,show yellow color;

Number above 10,show green color.


256 level adjustable


- 20℃-65℃


1500*390*100 mm


4.Video Controller

The video controller is the control and data transmission equipment of the video parking guidance system. TCP / IP network architecture is adopted, uplink to management server and downlink to camera sensor.






Input Voltage





1~16 pcs camera sensors


333*275*65 mm



5.Car Searching Kiosk

  1. Support English

  2. 21.5/ 32/ 42 inch touch screen inch touch screen

  3. Find vehicles by license plate number, parking space number and mobilization time

  4. Support unlicensed vehicle search and fuzzy query

  5. Display real-time map and plan the best vehicle search path to facilitate vehicle collection_202201101352357.png

  6. 3

Working process










Company Information

        Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,Ltd is the leading parking solution provider for vehicle intelligent parking system, license plate recognition system, RFID/Ticket parking system and parking guidance system solution. 

        Founded in 2001, TGW is committed to the development of smart parking systems, continuously analyzing and solving problems in existing requirement and potential demand, and is committed to meeting the new functional requirements in security industry.


Buyer Feedback


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 1. Is there any warranty?

    Yes we have warranty with 12 months, if there is any quality issue within warranty date, the new replacement will be provided.


2. What is the interface? 

The interface for each other is connect is RS485.


3. It needs WAN to work? 

No, just LAN is OK.


4. How many sensors can work with one node controller? 

one node controller can works with MAX 62pcs sensor


5. How many node controller can work with one central controller? 

One central controller can works with MAX 62pcs node controller.


6. It needs to charge the software? 

No, the software is free for you.

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