YANING Class 100 Lab Laboratory Clean Room Laminar Flow Hood HEPA FFU Fan Filter Unit with for Mushroom (1600451455819)

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Product Overview



 Class 100 Lab / Laboratory Clean Room fan filter unit laminar flow hood with hepa filter for mushroom

Product Description



FAN FILTER UNIT(FFU) is a modular terminal purified air supply device with its own power and filtering function. Equipped with primary and high-efficiency two-stage filters, the top of the fan is filtered by primary and high-efficiency filters, and clean air is evenly sent out at a wind speed of 0.45 meters per second.

FFU is a type of unit used for filtering laminar air and supplying clean air.
FFU is the core element for making cleanroom products of different classes, including clean booth, clean bench and clean room
FFU is a laminar flow filter unit which can be installed on ceilling to save space 


*Low consumption,high performance and cost saving 
More than 10 years professional experience design,which mades the high efficiency, low noise, strong qualitty, energy saving system fan filter unit.

*Durable compact  construction, stable air velocity supply
Scientific air passage design, low resistance, low noise, save space

*More than 10 years experience ODM team,which could  meet most of  various special requirement from different Countries policy.
Yaning company has very much powful capabilities of customized design to meet various needs. External size can be altered to suit various type of GRID. As well,we could provide professional integrated solutions base on external material case, special power supply, or changes of fan configuration

*Safe and operation friendly
FFU is able to support high-intensity box and ensures the safaty of staff for installation and maintenance. Remote monitoring and adjustment are available and it is easy to operate

*Multi-level protective devices
FFU is equipped wuth over-current relay,motor protective device, fault indicator and fault signal circuit. Thermal protector, fuse and motor breaker and such can be applied upon request.




Product Feature:
1. With high performance, ultra-slim design, and proven performance,air velocity of the filter is made more even.
2. The cabinet is made of cold-rolled steel plate sprayed or made of stainless steel, compact structure and beautiful appearance;

3. Using direct-drive high efficiency centrifugal fan(with a noise level of 56db), with low noise, small vibration and long life,
maintenance-free, .

4. Various controllers can be applied (On/Off, 3 Step etc.)



ModelCabinet Size(W×D×H)mmAir Flow(m3/h)Fan PressureNoise Level (dB)Air Velocity



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