Custom Best Rated Quality Supplies Pink Microblade Kkit U18 0.15mm Micro Nano Needles Microblading Blades for Permanent Makeup

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Product Overview


Welcome to KZBOY

Item name
Microblading blade
.15mm/.16mm/.18mm/0.20mm/shading blade 
Sterile in individually packaged 
Hair stroke, powder brows and so on

KZBOY Microblades 
We're professional manufacturer of microblades with many various models, such .15mm, .16mm, .18mm and shaders so on. 

So we have so many different microblades to all of PMU artists. 

Our microblades are really sharp and easily get pigment implanted, amazing for crispiest and cleanest hair strokes with little pressure. Our freckle shading needles are best powder brows, marking. Each blade is individually packaged in a sterile pouch with lot number and expiration date. 

Best for eyebrow, lips and eyeliners 

Blade sharpness
The sharpness and tininess of our microblades are allowed to make the crispiest and cleanest hair stroke with very a little pressure; and get the pigment implanted easily.
Pointed blade
The blade tip of each pin in a blade is very straight and pointed in a view of microscope, so the blade doesn't be stuck up when it pierces into the skin, avoiding the risk of bleeding or bacteria infection.

Blade color
Blade color is available in black, white, blue, green, yellow, blue, grey and purple.

Raw material of our microblades
Our microblades are made of premium 304 medical stainless steel and all of them are sterilized by E.O. gas.
How to use our microblades?
And the 16 pins and 18pins in a U blade are used to make the long hair stroke while the 14 pins in a slant blade is used to short
hair stroke; and the 12 pins in a slant blade is used to do the ombre powder brows. Anyways, blades are used flexibly depends on
what brow shape is. The blade tips of the slant microblade are in a degree of 45 and implant the dye easily. It's slant and curved
and work smoothly to make a nature looking brow.

Create your exclusive brand
Just pick the design from the template and it can be adjusted according to your request. Also,microblade handle can be customized on its color, size, design or any other you need.

Professional manufacturer
We're a professional manufacturer of microblades and microblade handle, working with many famous company from the day when they set up their company. Our boss, King Zheng is so talented and passionate who help many companies improve their performance with his unique idea and professional knowledge of the products. Besides, all of our microblades and microblade handles are sterilized by E.O. Reports are real and available to show in public.

CE Certificate for PMU machine; KZBOY Brand Enrolled in the USA; Sterilization reports for each lot of our microblades.

1. What diameters of your microblades? And what kind of microblades do you do?
The diameters of our microblades are available in .15mm, .16mm, .18mm, .20mm, .25mm and .30mm; and we do the SLANT, FLAT, U-SHAPED, MULTI-ROWS and FRECKLE SHADING NEEDLES.

2. Do you do the sample packs of microblades?
Yes, currently we do the .18mm, .16mm and shaders sample boxes that contain all of our best sellers. Anyways, a microblade sample
is also available that isn't be included in the sample box.

3. Do you offer a service to help customer create a design of brand packaging?
Yes, lots of templates of product packaging are designed by our professional designer and allowed to be picked and polished.

4. What's the MOQ to brand a microblade?
We would like support every customer who just starts their business and accept a small order quantity of 1,000 of mixture blades.

5. How long is the time to finish a custom order?
It takes 14-21 business days and might be a few days delay that is told to customer in advance.

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