Airflow Carbonization Furnace Coconut Shell Wood Biochar Charcoal Making Machine Price

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Product Overview


Product Description

1.5kw(fan power) +
0.75kw(E-Hoist power)
3kw(fan power) +
3.7kw(E-Hoist power)
3kw(fan power) +
3.7kw(E-Hoist power)
4kw(fan power) +
3.7kw(E-Hoist power)
Note: Capacity is for biomass wood briquette charcoal capacity; and if your raw material is different, the capacity is different too. So
if you want to know the exact capacity, please tell Bella your raw material you plan to use;
Carbonizing time
6-8hours for biomass wood briquette carbonizing time
Note: If your raw material is others, please tell me the raw material moisture content and then we can tell you the carbonizing time.)
Suitable raw materials
All kinds of wood, log, branch, coconut shell, nuts shell, corn bob, corn stalk, bamboo, all kinds of straw, etc biomass materials
Include parts
outer stove *1
inner stove*3
Hoist frame*1
Purification system*1
Valves and tubes
outer stove *2
inner stove*6
Hoist frame*1
Purification system*1
Valves and tubes
outer stove *3
inner stove*9
Hoist frame*1
Purification system*1
Valves and tubes
outer stove *4
inner stove*12
Hoist frame*1
Purification system*1
Valves and tubes
Land space
Loading in the container
LCL or 1*20GP

Detailed Images

Inner stove
Each outer stove is with three pieces inner stoves, so when finish one time carbonization, then we can take it out to the ground and then continuous to do the next turn.
Outer Stove
Outer stove is the room for heating the inner stove with full of materials to make charcoal.

Each inner stove is with one cover, and the cover is to seal the inner stove.
Fire mouth with the Combustible gas burning
At the beginning, we put the firewood, coal, or LGP gas here to heat the furnace; and later in the carbonizing process, there will produce the combustible gas which can be back to the fire mouth burned again as fuel.

Butterfly valve
Using the Valves can control the open and close. We have the Detailed operation manual which can help you how to control the Valves.
Level 5 purification system
To protect the environment and purify the by-products produced during the carbonizing process.
More environmental, More friendly.

Related Products

Biomass briquette charcoal making machine
This is the biomass briquette charcoal production line, including the crusher, dryer, briquette machine and charcoal carbonization furnace.
We can provide you the different capacity production line according to your requirements.
Raw material size: within 3-5mm
Raw material moisture content: 8-12%
Final briquette size: 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm
Final briquette shape: hexagon, square and round with six edges, with a hole in the center.

Continuous Rotary Charcoal Making Machine
Mingyang Brand Continuous Rotary Charcoal Making Machine suits the raw material like wood chips, wood sawdust, bamboo chips, coconut shell chips, peanut shell, rice husk, nuts shell etc biomass materials;
Raw material size: within 5-6cm
Raw material moisture content before carbonizing: within 15%; if the moisture content is higher, then you need one dryer before feeding into the rotary charcoal making machine.
We have the model below:
THJ1000: diameter: 1.0m capacity 300-500kg/h
THJ1200: diameter: 1.2m, capacity: 500-700kg/h
THJ1500: diameter: 1.5m, with capacity: 800-1500kg/h

Horizontal charcoal carbonization furnace
Mingyang Brand Horizontal charcoal carbonization furnace can carbonize the wood, log, branch, coconut shell, biomass briquette, bamboo, straw, stalks etc.
It consists of: inner stove, outer stove, Insulation layer, purification system, fan, cart and steel basket.

We have two molde:
WTH3000: inner stove inside diameter: 1.5m inner stove inside depth: 3m, total volume is 5.3CBM
WTH4500: inner stove inside diameter: 1.5m, inner stove inside depth: 4.5m, total volume: 8.0CBM

Continuous Sawdust carbonization machine
Mingyang Brand sawdust carbonization machine can carbonize the sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell etc small size biomass materials to charcoal directly.

Capacity: 150-200kg/h, it can work 24 hours continuous
Power: 5.5kw(main power)+1.5kw(Fan power which is Stainless steel variable frequency fan with adjustable speed) +1.5kw(Feeding conveyor power)
Consists:Main carbonizing body, feeding conveyor, electric control cabinet, and purification system.

Charcoal Coal Stick Briquette Extruding Machine
Mingyang Brand Charcoal coal briquette extruder machine can make the charcoal coal briquette with different size and shape.

Also if you want to make the briquette with same length, you'd better to choose one automatic cutter with conveyor.

Briquette shape: round, hexagon, square, etc with a hole or without a hole in the center. Also we can customize the shape according to your requirement.

Charcoal coal ball Briquette Roller Press Machine
Charcoal coal ball briquette roller press machine can make the briquette with round, egg, pillow, square, piles, oval etc and also the size and shape can be customized too.

The final charcoal briquettes usually used in the BBQ.

Punching type charcoal briquette making machine
Punching type charcoal briquette making machine is the hydraulic type, which can make the charcoal briquettes with hexagon, round, square, flower etc with a hole in the center.

Briquette height: normally it is with 4-8cm
Briquette diameter: normally it is 4cm
If you need different size and shape, please contact me to get the right information.

Hydraulic shisha tablet hookah briquette press machine
Hydraulic shisha tablet press machine can make the shisha with round, cubic, star, donut etc.
And the briquette size also can be customized, like 22mm, 23mm, 25mm, 26mm, 30mm, 33mm etc.
And the shisha briquette also can make with hole or without a hole in the center.

Biomass Rotary Drum Dryer
If your raw material moisture content is higher, and you want to get the lowest moisture content, then the dryer machine is your best choice.
We have small airflow dryer with HJ-4, HJ-6 and HJ-10; and the rotary drum dryer with GT-630, GT-800, GT-1000, GT-1200, GT-1500, GT-1800, GT-2000.
Also we can customize the dryer according to your requirement.

Packing & Delivery

For Mingyang Brand charcoal carbonization furnace, we load them in the standard container.

Company Profile

Gongyi Xiaoyi Mingyang Machinery Plant is one of the largest and earliest manufacturers of the biomass energy equipment ( biomass briquette machine line, charcoal making production line, wood pellet production line and the related machinery).
* one of the largest and earliest manufacturers of the charcoal making machine, biomass briquette machine and wood pellet production line in China with 30 years experience.
* Covered an area of 12000 square meters, currently has more than 120 employees, divided to 7 department.
* Designed and produced 6 production line, more than 150 kinds of machines, awarded 10 patents in China.
* Products are widely accepted in both domestic and world market ,more than 150 countries.
* The company enlarged for building one experimental Center of high-tech automtaic production equipment to meet the market requirement.
* Professional after-sales service team to be able to handle client issues in a timely manner.
* high level standard workshop, advanced producing equipment, Experienced technicians, fine workmanship with 30 year working experience.
* stock for based goods, accessories in stock to meet you need,stocked your samples and all the details of the goods of the next order.
* strict inspection personnel and process, and we are strictly ensure the quality of the international standard.
* We have the test center of the machine, Each machine will running before delivery.
* recommend clients for free, offer the layout drawing and the profit table and install video and free stuff training.

Contact me

We have the professional and experienced team to assist you;  If there is any questions, please feel free to contact me, I am always here online waiting for your calling, also click the name card to get more information;
Looking forward to hearing from you soon:

Sales manager: Bella Ren
Phone: 0086-15039052281
Whatsapp: 0086-15039052281
Wechat: 0086-15039052281
Skype: bella616919


For the machines, this is important to choose the suitable machines for you:
Q 1: what's your raw material? Raw material size and moisture content?
Q 2: what's the capacity you need per day? Per day to work how many hours?
Q 3: what's the final product size and shape you need?
Q 4: what's the voltage for the machines working?

For us-Gongyi Xiaoyi Mingyang Machinery Plant:
Q 1: Are you the factory or trading company?
A 1: we are the factory, and we have our own sales team, R&D team, production team, delivery team.

Q 2: Can we visit your factory?
A 2: Yes, you can. And the nearest Airport is XINZHENG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT(CGO), and the nearest railway station is Zhengzhou East station or Gongyi South Station; Once you come, please tell me in advance and we can arrange the car to take you to our factory directly.

Q 3: We want to test the machines, is it ok?
A 3: Of course, we can test the machines for you for free, and you can see the whole process from the material to the final products and also we will explain all your doubts.

Q 4: If we want to see the machines layout to help us, is it available for you?
A 4: Sure, it it ok. We have the professional Designing department which can draw the 3D pictures with the size to help you understand well.

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