Large High Viscosity Heavy Huty Open Gear Oil C F 3 ULTRA Mechanical Loading Equipment Grease (1600453768559)

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Product Overview


Large High Viscosity Heavy Huty Open Gear Oil  C-F 3 ULTRA Mechanical Loading Equipment Grease_01.jpg_02.jpg

Product Description


1. Excellent extreme pressure performance,
2. Excellent oxidation stability, contains very effective anti-oxidants, slows down the oxidation process and prolongs the service life.

3. It has high thermal stability and is not easy to thicken, thus reducing power loss.

4. Excellent rust and water separation: Protect the metal surface from corrosion and corrosion
5. Good anti-foaming property: perfect oil film strength, better guarantee the normal operation of gears and bearings.
6. Safety and don't contain toxic substances such as lead, passed NSF H1, Reach, Rohs.


Test itemsBX-300/E(120/A)150
ColourClear transparent liquid
Base oilSynthetic oil
FZG load level12
Dip index102
Dynamic viscosity @100℃14.4cSt
Dynamic viscosity @40℃140cSt
Working temperature ℃-25℃ to +150℃
Pour point ℃-18℃
Flash point ℃238℃
AGMA 250.044EP
NSF Code153264/H1


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Application Industry
It is suitable for lubrication of gears working under various heavy loads or shock loads and turbine actuators bearing different loads. It can also be used in circulatory systems with limited lubrication, such as sliding and rolling bearings bearing heavy loads. It can also be used for splash lubrication and oil mist lubrication systems.

1. Prevent water and impurities during storage and transportation;
2. Do not mix with other type of grease;

3This product should not be contaminated with water or foreign matter, otherwise it will cause      deterioration and failure.

4.According to the equipment oil requirements, choose the appropriate viscosity of oil

5. Keep in a cool, dry place.

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