FY8300 30M 30MHz DDS 3 Channel Function Signal Generator Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator

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Product Overview


FY8300-30M 30MHz DDS 3-Channel Function Signal Generator Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator

Product Description

FY8300 series three-channel function / arbitrary waveform generator is a high-function function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, pulse signal generator, frequency sweeper, counter and frequency meter. Rich shortcut keys simplify complicated operation. Especially suitable for electronic enthusiasts, scientific research institutions and high-tech enterprises, automotive repair and other fields.

Using DDS technology, the instrument produces accurate, stable, low distortion output signals, and all parameters are calibrated by internal procedures. All functions of the instrument can be controlled by the host computer software. You can also use the host software to edit arbitrary waveforms and save them to the signal generator to output waveforms. Communications protocol is open to users, making secondary development easier. It features large-scale integrated circuits, SMT, high reliability and long service life. With output short-circuit protection, all signal output terminals can work under load short-circuit conditions for 60s.

Difference Between FY8300 and FY8300S:

- FY8300S is with VCO to control output. FY8300 is designed without this function.
- FY8300S is designed with rich modulation functions, including ASK, FSK, PSK, AM, FM, PM. FY8300 is designed without this function.
- FY8300S is built with 4-channel TTL signal generator and the phase difference between each channel is precisely adjustable. FY8300 does not support the function.
- FY8300S support triggering pulse train to output. FY8300 does not support the function.

FY8300 Series Features:
* Completely independent three-channel output (equivalent to three independent signal sources), capable of working synchronously, with precise adjustable phase difference.
* DDS technology produces accurate, stable and low distortion output signals.
* Desktop design with ABS plastic casing, AC 100 ~ 240V (AC) wide voltage power supply.
* 2.4-inch (320 * 240) color display.
* Easy Operation: Unique and copyright-protected operation interface design, which can display three-channel output status at the same time.
* The highest output frequency is 60MHz (sine wave), 250MSa/s sampling rate, 14bits vertical resolution.
* Press and hold the OK key during use to quickly save parameter information currently output by the instrument, and the saved parameters can be automatically loaded when it turns on again.
* Channel Tracking Function: When it is tracking, all parameters of the three channels can be updated at the same time according to the user's configuration.
* Can output up to 98 groups of functions / arbitrary waveforms, including 34 preset waveforms and 64 user-defined waveforms (arbitrary waveform editing software can be used to edit arbitrary waveforms and download to the instrument output). The preset waveforms include: sine wave, square wave, rectangular wave (adjustable duty cycle), trapezoidal wave (rising and falling edge time can be set accurately), triangle wave, and pulse wave (pulse width and frequency can be set precisely Fixed), rising sawtooth wave, descending sawtooth wave, step wave, trapezoidal pulse wave, sinker pulse, narrow pulse wave, noise wave, exponential rise, exponential decline, electrocardiogram, Lorentz pulse wave, multi-tone wave, CMOS (0 ~ 12V) and DC voltage, etc.
* 64 sets of arbitrary wave storage bits. The storage depth of each group is 8192 * 14bits (the longer the waveform storage depth, the more waveform details are saved, and the signal details can be restored with high accuracy).
* High Frequency Accuracy: The frequency accuracy can reach the order of 10-6.
* High Frequency Resolution: Full range frequency resolution 1uHz (0.000001Hz).
* Output amplitude can be up to 24Vpp and the amplitude resolution can be up to 1mV (0.001V).
* With DC bias function of -12V ~ + 12V (<20MHz), the resolution can reach 1mV.
* The duty cycle of both channels can be adjusted independently, and the adjustment accuracy can reach 0.01%.
* Pulse width and pulse frequency are continuously adjustable, and the adjustment range is 20ns-1S. The pulse amplitude can be continuously adjusted between 0-12V, and the accuracy is 0.001V.
* The phase adjustment range of three channels is 0 ~ 359.99°, and the adjustment accuracy is 0.01°.
* No Range Limitation: Support direct digital settings in full range frequency.
* Digital signal output function can realize any CMOS level with amplitude of 0 ~ 12V.
* Scanning Function: Four attributes of the signal: frequency, amplitude, offset, and duty cycle can be scanned separately. With two scanning modes, linear scanning and logarithmic scanning, the scanning time can reach 999.99S. Scanning start and end points can be set arbitrarily.
* Storage Characteristics: It can store 20 sets of instrument state parameters set by users, which can be recalled at any time.
* 100M Frequency Meter Function: Four measurement methods: frequency measurement, period measurement, positive and negative pulse width measurement, and duty cycle measurement. The maximum measurement frequency can reach 100MHz, and the minimum measurement frequency is 0.01Hz.
* Counter function.
* All parameters can be calibrated by internal procedures.
* Equipped with powerful arbitrary waveform editing function, it can be downloaded to the instrument to output the waveform after editing the arbitrary waveform on your PC.
* Powerful Communications Function: PC can be used to control the instrument. The communications protocol is open, making secondary development easier.
* High Reliability: Large-scale integrated circuit, SMT, high reliability and long service life.
* Output Short-circuit Protection: all signal output terminals can work for more than 60S under load short-circuit conditions.

Package Included:
- 1 x Signal Generator
- 1 x Power Cord
- 3 x Q9 Clip Cables
- 3 x BNC-BNC Cables
- 1 x USB Cable



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