Поставка различных видов бренд порошок ПВХ смолы sg3 sg5 sg7 sg8 пвх порошок

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PVC resin, the physical appearance is white powder, non-toxic, odorless. Relative density 1.35-1.46. It is thermoplastic,insoluble in water, gasoline and ethanol, expandable or soluble in ether, ketone, fatty chlorohy-drocarbons or aromatic hydrocarbons with strong anti--corrosiveness, and good dieletric property.

PVC resin can be processed into various plastic products. It can be divided into soft and hard products according to its
application. It is mainly used to produce transparent sheets, pipe fittings, gold cards, blood transfusion equipment, soft and
hard tubes, plates, doors and windows. Profiles, films, electrical insulation materials, cable jackets, blood transfusions, etc.


Usage of Pvc

* SG-3 is for films, hoses, leathers, wire cables and other general purpose soft products.

* SG-5 is for pipes, fittings, panels, calendaring, injection, moulding, profiles, and sandals.

* SG-7 / SG-8 is for bottles, sheets, calendaring, rigid injection and moulding pipes.


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