Сверхмягкие бамбуковые хлопковые махровые прокладки для снятия макияжа, 8 см, многоразовые салфетки для очищения лица, круглые салфетки 3,15 дюйма, бумажная коробка для упаковки на заказ

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Name
Organic makeup remover pads
70% bamboo 30% cotton
2 layers
Shape & Size
8 cm round
100% natural, zero waste, soft and absorbent,friendly to earth and lady's skinwith finger pouch to fit the finger for easy holding nd removing on the face

* Remain Soft & Healthy Skin: the soft facial pads are great to get deep into your pores and successfully pull all of
makeup, chemicals, sunscreen, cosmetics out without discomfort. It can be eye, facial,eye shadow, mascara, lipstick remover.

* A Organic Clean Alternative: It removes 100% of your make-up away with any cleanser or toner, simply adding warm water to wet this pad, gently removing it in a circular motion, and flipping cloth over and over until all makeup is removed, leaving your face instantly feeling fresh, soft, smooth and clean.

* Great for Home & Travel: If you want to transit into a Zero Waste lifestyle, these reusable cotton pad is an ideal choice for
you. they are lightweight, portable, easy convenient to use, and you can keep some in your travel bag,gym, purse or overnight bag and some at home.

* Gentle Enough for the Most Sensitive Skin: These cotton pads are suitable for skin types including sensitive skin, dry or oily skin and delicate eye area. Great for self-use or as a gift. New eco-friendly remove way!

How to order stock?

We have white cotton pads at stock for quick delivery and small order. they are no logo, no packaging, so available for anyone, prices here on the page are just for pads. (if you want o customize the pads, please find details below). It is easy to buy themdirectly on the page by following the steps:

1) check the details carefully to make sure they are exactly what you want
2) choose the quantity you want, then you will get the cost for them
3) choose your country as the destination, then you will get the shipping cost
4) pay the total cost to start your order, and we will ship it in time

How to customize set?

From our experience, few of customers want only pads, most of them buy something else bundled with facial pads to add value to their clients, and sell the items as one set/unit. you can tell us what you want in your set and we will collect them and provide the set.

Cotton mesh washing bag
Cotton storage bag
Waterproof storage bag

Cloth wipe - bamboo terry
Cloth wipe - babmboo velour
Cloth wipe - hemp cotton

Bamboo headband
Bamboo cotton swab
Natural konjac sponge

How to customize pads?

Want products different from others? good, that is what we usually do for our customers. we can make bamboo pads with:

* Size & ShapeMore sizes: in round of 7 cm, 8 cm, 9 cm, 10 cm,12 cm
Shape: round, square, oval, round with a finger pocket, heart, bear head, star, water drop

* Stitching
White edge stitching is normal and popular, and we provide more colors for the stitching.

* Your logo
Send us file of your logo, we will make fold tag of your logo in 10 days about, then add it to facial pads in production.

Production time: 2-3 weeks
MOQ: 1000 pieces per order

How to customize packaging?

Some pictures here show the packaging we can make as a manufacturer. we are not a brand retailer who has finished set with packaging in stock to sell. new friends often ask " how many pads in the box?". if you want some with packaging from the brand, you need go to their shop to buy. if you want packaging with your brand or no brand, you can customize them and what in each box is decided by you.

from our experience, some kinds of packaging are welcome:

1) Paper band
simple packaging, a white or kraft paper band to wrap some pads, logo and text can printed on the band.we can suggest or you decide the height/width of the band, how many pads in each wrap, finish and send us the design, and we make the band with your design.

MOQ: 50 bands

2) Paper box
A popular option for packaging,white or kraft. you decide what in the box, we will test and find good dimension for the box
(should big enough to hold the items, but compact to save space and shipping cost), provide the template, your designer finish design on the template, and we make boxes with the design.

two styles of paper boxes available:

* Normal style
open/close from top or bottom, good for some pads and washing bag.
MOQ: 400 boxes

* Gift box
Open from top, perfect for complicate unit (many different items in the box, such as pads, washing bag, storage bag,cloth wipe, headband, konjac sponge..), easier to place the items in the box, looks better and more expensive than normal box.

MOQ: 500 boxes

3) Envelope
* Envelop close by glue
MOQ: 600

* Envelop close by string, can open and reuse
MOQ: 600

4) Paper tube
A round cylinder with lid, looks cute and easy to open and store the pads and bag.
MOQ: 500

5) Bamboo case
Luxury packaging with lid and side opening, 10 x 9.5 cm, can fit 25 pads(2 layers 8cm) and a cotton bag at most,
much more expensive than the boxes and tubes. you can find details on its page.

6) Metal box
Small iron box with cute designs, good for some pads and washing bag. you can find details on its page.

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