Eti Safety water proof anti slip work shoes iron toe puncture resistant men industry safety shoes boots for africa dubai market (1600458522339)

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Product Overview


Product Details

* Safety shoes act as a barrier against heat, chemicals, oils, shocks and harmful acids. 
* These shoes are lightweight and not heavy. The soles are well padded and hence they provide a good amount of comfort to the wearers, decreasing their fatigue level. 
* Safety Shoes inlined with moisture retention materials that help in keeping the feet dry and warm. 
* The inclusion of tough material in the shoe composition makes the shoes more durable and sturdy. 

Product packaging

Custom packaging box

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Production Process

Cutting of the leather
A hydraulic press cuts the leather with a blade (which is called die). A different die is needed for each piece of the future shoe, and for each size.
The die-cut pieces of leather are later sewn accurately with the aid of big and strong sewing machines.
Bonding and attaching
With a special rivet gun metal hooks and eyelets are attached to the shoe.

During which the upper of the shoe receives its shape, thanks to the use of a wooden or plastic foot (called a shoetree), after which the sole can be attached to the upper.
Production of the sole
The sole must go through several steps of processing before it can be attached to the other parts of the safety footwear, with the use of a pneumatic press.
Removal of the shoetree
At this stage the shoetree, which gave the upper its form, is removed.

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