BOQU AH-800 gold supplier Online Water Hardness/Alkali Analyzer carbonate hardness Meter

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Product Overview


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BOQU Industrial analyzer can measure water total hardness or carbonate hardness and total alkali fully automaticlly via titration. This instrument is suitable for recognising levels of hardness, quality control of water softening facilities and monitoring of water blending facilities. The instrument allows two different limit values to be defined and checks the water quality by determining the absorbtion of the sample during titration of the reagent. The configuration of the many applications is supported by a configuration assistant.


Product Description

 Online Water hardness / alkali analyzer monitors water total hardness or carbonate hardness and total alkali fully automatically via titration.


Water Hardness/Alkali Analyzer

Model:Hardness AH-800


Measurement method:Titration method

Water inlet in general:clear, colourless, free of solid particles, 

without gas bubble

Measurement range:

Hardness : 0.5-534ppm , total alkali:5.34~401ppm

Accuracy:+/- 5% 


Water inlet pressure:

ca. 0.5 - 5 bar (max.) (Recommended 1 - 2 bar)

Power:90 - 260 Vac (47 - 63Hz)

Dimensions:300x300x200 mm (WxHxD)

Protection grade:IP65

1Measurement range: 0.10 ~200mg / L

Indication error: ≤ ± 5%

Repeatability: ≤3%

Optical stability: ≤0.002A / 20min

Dimensions: 266mm×200mm×130mm

Power consumption: 30W


Conductivity TDS Salinity Resistivity Sensor-3.jpg


pipe/hose/flange etc

dia:6,8,14mm etc


Titanium alloy

Power plant

pipe/hose/flange etc

dia:6,8,14mm etc


Titanium alloy

Power plant
k=1.00.6Mpa0~2000us/cm1/2,3/4 thread


Titanium alloy 


Water treatment
k=10.00.2Mpa0~20000us/cm1/2,3/4 thread



Water treatment
k=30.00.2Mpa30~600ms/cm3/4 threadPolysulfoneAcid cleaning


Features of Inductive Conductivity Sensor

Measuring range

0-2ms/cm,0-20ms/cm,0-200ms/cm,0-2000ms/cm Conductivity

0.00%~25.00% NaCL

0.00%~17.98% ; 20.01%~39.07% HCL,

0.00%~25.99% ; 15.13%~50.00% NaOH,

0.00%~30.00%  NHO3;

0.00%~30.25% ; 91.91%~100.00%  H2SO4

0~26% KOH



Sensor materialPP,PFA(Optional)
Max pressure1.6Mpa
Connection1 1/2 or 3/4NPT
InstallationFlow cell,pipe line ,submerged





Portable Conductivity Meter


Laboratory Conductivity Meter

Conductivity:0.00 μS/cm…2000us/cm(customized for other range) mS/cm
Conductivity,TDS,Salinity,Resistivity ,4 in 1
Electronic unit error Conductivity:±0.5 % FS
Calibration :1 point
Data storage :Calibration data,99 measurement data
Monitor:LCD monitor
Power requirements 4xAA/LR6Power:220VAX


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 BOQU Instrument is a leader manufacturer in water quality analyzers, BOQU Instrument will use all technologies to solve problems related to human and earth survival and always to be the guardians of the earth's water quality.BOQU Instrument’s online water quality analyzer mainly for pH, conductivity, TDS, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, residual chlorine, suspended solid, ammonia, hardness, silica, phosphate, sodium, BOD, COD, heavy metals etc. We are committed to providing best water quality monitoring solutions for users in all areas of pure water,ultra-pure water, drinking water, municipal waste water, industrial waste water, industrial circulating water, environmental monitoring, and university research etc.




Applicaiton of Best 4 tank tds or ph EC monitoring tds meter, Power Plant water treatment; water plant and sewage treatment plant ;wastewater treatment; paper making production process, paper slurry, chemical refining; metallurgy and mining;Food and beverage;pharmaceutical industry biological reaction and fermentation;Semiconductor production process;high purity water production.Conductivity meter


Why to choose BOQU?

Why choose BOQU Best 4 tank tds or ph EC monitoring tds meter?

1.National High-tech Enterprises Certificates

2.Instruments has been exported to over 70 countries.

3.BOQU has more 50+ Softwares property

4.100% QC inspection Before Shippment.

5. ISO,CE,SGS standard and factory price.

6.All instruments has been 100% recognized by Bureau of National  Metrology

Factory Show

BOQU Instrument only focus on development and production Water Quality Sensors and water quality Analyzers since found, now staff is over 100 production engineers and with an annual growth rate of 35%. we have  own R & D center,many senior engineers has over 10 years R&D experience in water quality anlyzers and water quality sensors.Now our company has got more than 50 technical certificates for controller software and 23 technical patents,therefore we won the National High-tech Enterprise Certificate in 2010. At present, the annual quantity of water quality sensors and meters is over 100,000pcs, it’s the biggest factory in Shanghai.



BOQU Instrument was found since 2007, now has more 100 production,R&D engineers,BOQU instruments has be exported to over 75 countires.,Now BOQU has been named as High-Tech Enterprice by goverment,ISO,CE, SGS is our common certicates. the core technology of electrode ,controller and 50+ software property is our based. all instruments has been recognized by National Metrology Bureau.there is many small factories in China, you should be carefully if they provide you very low price. this is tips for you in free.



The BOQU Instrument is a young, energetic and professional team. We will continue to focus on R&D and manufacturing of high-end water quality monitoring instruments and sensors.we keep to create benefits for our customers,We work hard for the material and spiritual aspects of all employees,and contribute to the progress and development of humanity. forever to guard the earth's water quality.

Our  work Email:winn(@)

(Whatsapp):(+86) 13816149179

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