The Fine Quality White Color Pp Plastic Custom Paint Palette For Watercolor Oil Painting (1600462316919)

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Q1: General production lead time?
A1: Take the order of 5000 pieces of conventional size as an example. If there is no requirement of special auxiliary materials such as color labels provided by customers, the delivery can be completed in 3-4 days.
Sepcial note: As for the delivery time of special-shaped drawing board and printed drawing board, the delivery time shall be adjusted accordingly according to the difficulty and customer's confirmation speed as there is confirmation process of plate making and mold opening.
Normal plate making and mold opening time needs about 3-5 working days.

Q2: Are the materials used environmentally friendly? Do they have irritating odors?
A2: Since more than 90% of our products are exported, all the raw materials used have passed the test to meet the international environmental protection requirements, including canvas, plate core, glue, packaging and other materials.
As a manufacturer, we pay more attention to environmental requirements than our customers. We have several stable suppliers with more than 20 years of cooperation. Our process and raw material ratio have been tested and certified by the third party.
Relevant certificates can be provided if required.

Q3: ABount MOQ(minimum order quantity)
A3: MOQ of conventional drawing board is 1000pcs, which is considered that some customers need to order the brand. The trademark printing factory gives us the minimum order quantity requirements. If it is white backing paper, MOQ can be 10 pieces.
The MOQ of special-shaped drawing board and printed drawing board is 1000. If the single pattern of printed drawing board is less than 1000, additional plate-making fee will be charged. If the pattern exceeds 1000, plate-making fee will be exempted. If the single type of special-shaped drawing board is less than 1000, another mold fee will be charged. If the single type of special-shaped drawing board is more than 1000, no mold fee will be charged. Note: if purchasing our existing printed patterns and special-sized drawing boards, the minimum order quantity is the same as regular drawing boards.
The minimum order quantity of word board is 3000, which means the minimum order quantity of single letter. Less than 3000, additional mold fee, more than 3000, free mold fee.
Note: plate making fee and mold opening fee, according to the size and difficulty degree, the price varies, please consult customer service.

Q4:About prices
A4: Our products are in bulk, so the price fluctuates according to the quantity. Uncertain order quantity, suggest to provide the corresponding quantity range, we will provide the appropriate ladder quotation.

Q5:Can you provide pritvate labeling service for the products I want?
A5:Yes,we can do it according to your requirements,but the quantity no less than 1000 pcs per every size.

Q6:Can you send us sample for free?What is the time for sampling?
A6.Yes,we can provide samples for free but buyer need to pay for the freight fee.Normally,it needs 1-3 days for sampling.

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