New design 3D wheel alignment wheel balancer tire machine combo for workshop (1600463458604)

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Product Overview


Touchless Wheel Alignment Combo
We are not the common Wheel Alignment Combo

What's the advantage of 3D wheel alignment functions?

6.4Mega Pixels USB3.0 HD Camera
Some brands of machine are promoted with 5MP, 6MP or even 8MP camera, but many of them are false. True high definition cameras can support the use of very small targets.

IAA Auto Tracking System
IAA Auto Tracking System(since 2008) can automatically adjust the height of crossbeam according to the length of vehicle wheelbase,avoid the target to appear at the edge of camera,ensure the data accuracy.

*Model LS6 without IAA auto lifting system.

Patented Smart Window
Smart Window is Lawrence's global patent. It brings a new experience to human-computer interaction. Smart Window can display the current pushing angle in real time,so that users control the whole pushing measurement process in anytime. All in all,pushing measurement is an easy job.

 Mini Black-tech Target
[3]Adopt the black-tech panel,which can reduce the interference of external light,make sure the data more accurate more stable.
* No need to close door to do the alignment !

Basic measurement data: caster,camber,toe and kingpinangle.
Further measurement data:toe-out-on turn,Max turning angle,setback and thrust angle.
More measurement data: wheel base, axle offset, wheel diameter and so on.

What's the advantage of top tilt tire changer?


 Pneumatic Tilt Arm Structure
① Saves space over tilt-column design.
② Workable for installation by the wall.

Three Position Pressing Arm
① Space saving and easy to operate.
② Position of pressing tire can be mobilized, which can adapt to different sizes of tire freely.

Bead Breaker System
Mounting Head
Table Top

What's the advantage of wheel balancer?

Laser line system, adhesive weight positioning at 6 o’clock
Sonar detector system,automatic estimation program of wheel width parameter
40mm Threaded Shaft

Auto Brake Function
Aluminum Automatic Measuring Rule
OPT Function

What's the advantage of car lift?

Aluminum Motor
Slip Plate

Mechanic Lock
Pneumatic Release System
Secondary Jack

Who We Are?

More than 20 years of accumulation of four wheel alignment design and development,14 years of development and manufacturing of 3D wheel alignment,over 30 global patent technologies,over 200 technology upgrade. Lawrence provides professional equipment or service to more than 20 thousands customers in the world.

Contact Information:
Sale Representative: Christin
Whatsapp: 008617727664457
Wechat: 008617727664457




Q: Can computer and camera beam be installed in different room ?
A: Yes.We will provide different install solution according to your workshop condition.

Q:Cane we use 220V/60HZ as power supply ?

A:Yes,additional cost needed .

Q: How to update the database?
A:Freely wholelife through online .

Q:Can you customize logo, color, interface on cabinet and software interface?
A:Yes.As long as the LOGO function for your request. If you want to add or remove any function and database bank can be your name as well.

Q:Can I be exclusive representative?
A:We are looking for long term exclusive distributor in the whole world.Welcome to join Lawrence!

Q:Can I buy wheel aligner kit ?
A:Yes ,but please be noted that our software can only operated with our own target plates and cameras.

Q:Can I get 2 years warranty or longer warranty ?
A:We offer 1 year warranty for free.2 year warranty with extra money.

Q:Can I pay in RMB currency?
A:Yes, but we need to add extra 20% based on the current price. Because we need to pay more tax ,so we suggest you pay in US dollars.

Q:How to calibrate the camera and target plates ?
A:For camera ,useless they are totally destroyed or crashed to deformation .They don't need calibration. Camera calibration need calibration bar. Target plates calibration is simple .The calibration finished in few minutes, following software instruction.

Q:Do I need to Re-Calibrate after equipment arrived and installed ?
A:No need, we already calibration well in factory before departure.

Q:Where Calibration Data Your Battle-Axe Designed ?
A:Inside of camera processor instead of inside software ,this design will save after service time for customer when their computer break.

Q:What is delievery time ?
A:2 working days upon receiption of down payment .

Q:Could you send me a demo software ?
A:Yes. Contact us for download linkage.

Q:Could you translate the software language to our native language ?
A:We already have Spanish, English ,Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese language .If you need other language we can add it for you ,or you can help us transfer(we prefer this way ), We will offer you discount as your efforts .

Q:How to installation ?
A:Through video show training.

Q:How long is the lifetime of the machine ?
A:At least ten years, under good preservation .

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