Настраиваемая Тяговая головка, Тяговая головка из цинкового сплава для чемодана, цельный спот, Прямая поставка с завода, металлическая молния, Тяговая головка (1600463865391)

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Product Overview


 Can be customized patterns, color can do silver, light gun, light gold, gold and other colors


The waterproof head on the shelf is available in stock. If it needs to be black or electrophoretic, it needs to be explained clearly. If it has no lock, it needs to be customized. If you want to customize other (rubber teeth, metal, nylon, etc.) bases, other logos, or other color adhesive drops, you can contact customer service.

Customization process:

1. If you want to customize other styles of puller, please provide the style, size, quantity, gram weight, color, etc. of the puller you need to customize. It's better to also provide pictures and design drawings. We will open the mold for you to customize.

2. We provide quotation and delivery date. After confirmation by both parties, please confirm the order details again. (please check carefully. Once the order information is confirmed, if there is any data error, our store will not be responsible. The buyer is responsible for the whole order.) after confirmation, you take the order for payment.

3. Arrange production and delivery (if there is any data error, our store will not be responsible for it, and the buyer will be responsible for it)

Warm reminder: zippers of different materials have different pull heads. Please communicate with the owner before purchasing! Avoid trouble for you!

Customized products are not returned!

Select color / style rules

Before placing an order, you need to communicate with the customer service of the seller about the products you need. Some color and quality may not be visible in the picture, and you need the buyer or the seller to send a sample to confirm the color and material, especially the products you want to make to order, so as to prevent mistakes.

About return and exchange

Custom made products are not allowed to return, normal signed products are not allowed to return, conventional spot in the case of not affecting the second sale can be discussed with the seller exchange, return and return freight buyers bear, once again stressed that custom-made products are not returned! Special attention: if the goods are unpacked, there are additional processing procedures, any processing or matching on the goods, the company does not assume any responsibility!

About receiving goods

The inspection is valid within three days after the customer receives the goods. If there is any quality problem, the customer service should be contacted.

About logistics

The manufacturer sells the goods at a preferential price, and the delivery does not include the freight. If the customer wants to send express or designated logistics, he needs to communicate with the customer service of the seller well. If there is no designated logistics, the default is ordinary logistics / express, and the fee is paid on arrival.

About products

Baby details page has instructions, are manual measurement, due to different measuring tools, there will be errors, baby weight, due to different weighing instruments, or the environment affected by wind, or die electroplating color difference, different batches of products have color difference, glue thickness and other problems, there will be errors, please understand! If you have any questions, please contact customer service.


Warm tips: all the products in our store are taken in kind. Due to the different camera angle, display resolution and viewing angle, there will be weak color difference. If you have any doubt, please consult the customer service. If it is inconvenient, please understand!

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