Copper chromium free passivation solution Copper oxidant Copper passivation treatment

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Copper chromium-free passivation solution

First,  product number:Q/YS.104(Yi Shun brand)

Second,  Product features:

There is not heavy metal such as chromium and controlled substance such as nitrite in the passivation solution. The service life of the product is long,it is economical and harmless to the human body ,the operation is simple. It does not affect the conductivity of copper and make the color of copper product  preserving more than 18 months.It has changed the anti-rust method of traditional copper workpiece.

Third,  range of application:
In order to prevent the copper parts from rust and discoloration,the passivation of copper,brass,bronze is necessary. The brightness of the copper can be effectively maintained.

Fourth,  method of application : is used after the product is diluted with the clean water ,the ratio of the product and the water is 1 to 8,and the cover is covered before and after it is used to prevent volatilization.
2. Copper product is soaked in dilution of passivator in 30 to 60 degrees Celsius, take out it after soaking 3 to 5 minutes .When wash clean with clear water,you need timely drying . drying temperature is 70 degrees , Don't overlap between artifacts when drying.

Company Profile

Guangzhou Yishun Chemical Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Yishun Chemical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise. At present, it is mainly committed to the research and development, manufacturing, production and network sales promotion of various chemical products, such as various metal surface treatment agents, metal process fluids, industrial cleaning agents, information chemical products and so on. In addition, it can also develop various special industrial cleaning agents, metal surface treatment agents and electronic information chemicals for various manufacturers. We will strive to develop into the most innovative fine chemical enterprise, continuously provide better products and services for all walks of life, and promote the chemical industry to a new level. Main production: electroless plating solution train: electroless copper plating water, electroless tin plating water, electroless nickel plating water, electroless gold plating water, electroless silver plating water Metal process fluid series: Copper polishing agent, copper polishing agent, copper blackening agent, copper passivation solution, aluminum polishing agent Auxiliary series for electronic industry: Gold remover, tin remover, aluminum remover, nickel remover, copper remover, wax remover Industrial cleaning agent series: glass cleaning agent, metal degreasing agent, aluminum degreasing agent, rust remover, film remover Other series: floor cleaner, mechanic's hand washing cream, tableware quick drying agent, glue remover We always adhere to the healthy development strategy based on the program of "environmental protection Yishun, green home", the product R & D and production take "environmental protection and green" as the guiding ideology, and the development concept of manufacturing "high, fine, advanced and specialized" chemical products. Continuously improve the innovation system; Continuously improve the ability of sustainable development; Make continuous efforts to create value for the society; We are committed to being a leader in environmental protection and chemical industry.


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Ask and answer

1.Who are we?
Guangzhou Yishun Chemical was founded in 2010, headquartered in Guangdong, China, with about 500 employees. Mainly engaged inelectroless plating agent, metal surface treatment agent, industrial cleaning agent and other chemical reagent research and development, production and sales, is the most competitive industry leader in China.

2. How can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment.

3.What can you buy from us?

Industrial cleaning agent,Metal brightening agent,Chemical plating agent,Environmental deplating agent,Metal blackening agent.

4. Why do you buy from us instead of another supplier?
Guangzhou Yishun chemical focuses on the industry for more than ten years,our products are environmentally friendly, do not harm the original workpiece, simple operation process, after-sales guarantee, customer repurchase rate is high, best-selling all over the world.

5. What services can we provide?
Complete process and products; Professional operation guidance and after-sales treatment; Accepted delivery terms: delivery after full payment;
Payment currency:USD, CNY;
Language: English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian, Korean, etc.

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