Automatic Eps Car Parts Lost Foam Casting Foundry Machine Sand Processing Production Line

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Product Overview


lost foam casting equipment / Machinery And Equipment For Lost Foam Foundry Project
Lost-foam casting (LFC) is a type of evaporative-pattern casting process that is similar to investment casting except foam is used for the pattern instead of wax. This process takes advantage of the low boiling point of foam to simplify the investment casting process by removing the need to melt the wax out of the mold.

Automatic lost foaming casting machine commonly cast metals include cast irons, aluminium alloys, steels, nickel alloys, less frequently stainless steels,copper alloys.

1. Source material for the pattern
This part is very important for lost foam casting casting. We should choose the different material according to the casting material. When we produce the aluminum die castings, we will choose the expandable polystyrene which contain pentane as blowing agent. But for the production of cast iron and steel parts a copolymer made of EPS and EPMMA is used.
2. Pr-expansion
Due to the incorporation of pentane which act as a blowing agent, polystyrene is expandable. The following is a bead pr-expanded with a fluidity bed dryer.
3. Molding
For the actual pattern section production, the pr-expansion EPS beads are blown through a fill gun into a metallic permanent mold by using compressed air. In the mold the beads are bonded after heating and the desired pattern geometry is formed. Please check the molding making process below.
4. Pattern section assemble and mounting of the patterns on a gating system
Due to the segmentation of the complex pattern pattern geometries into simple, these sections have to be assembled to one complete pattern after the foaming and drying processes. After that, the several patterns are mounted on one gating system to be the cluster.
5. Coating of the clusters
By dipping, the mounted clusters are coated with a water-based refractory coating. The coating is about 2mm thick.
6. Mold filling
The coated cluster is then posited in a flask, the quartz sand is filled by sand raining feeder and compacted by the vibration table. At the end of compaction the cluster is completely embed in the quartz sand and only the sprue remains uncovered.
7. Casting
A down sprue is placed over the EPS sprue. The molten metal is poured into this downsprue and then flows to the gating system of the foam pattern. The molten metal docomposes the EPS cluster and fills into the mold cavity in all its details. Please check the decomposition process below.
8. Demolding
After the solidification of the molten metal , the castings is formed. we will convey the castings to the next shot step for further cleaning.
9. Sand processing department
After demolding, we need to convey the used sand to processing system to return sand for recycling.

Different capacity and configuration can be designed according to your request.

Advantage of automatic lost foaming casting production line

1.Can be used for high precision castings of ferrous and non-ferrous metals of any size.
2.Fewer steps are involved in lost foam casting compared to sand casting.
3.Without core making, binders or other additives.
4.There is lower capital investment.
5.Multiple castings can be combined in one mould to increase pouring efficiency.
6.Compared with the traditional sand molding process,EPC line can produce complex castings at very low production cost,especially the internal castings with high dimensional accuracy and thin section.
7.High levels of sand recycling are possible. As little as 1-2% of the sand is lost as a result of spills.

Make foam pattern → Coating the foam pattern ↓

↓ Put into sand flask ← Drying the coated foam pattern

Filling sand and compaction → Finish filling and compaction ↓

↓ Pouring the melted steel ← Vacuum

Get finished castings ↓

Shot blasting cleaning process

Qingdao Hezhi is a manufacturer for Foundry Machinery & Shot Blasting Machine since 2005.
Products cover Moulding Equipment,Sand Reclamation Equipment, Sand Mixer, Dust Collector and full-line Shot Blasting Machines.

We owned 3600m2 work shop area for production with 2x10 cranes.
Another 2600m2 space is planned for extension.
ISO9001 is achieved. Full set of production ,QC(3 staff) and after-sales (3 staff) guarantee none-defective products.
3D Solidworks is used in designing. R&D staff with over 20 years expertise experience meet your customized requirements.

Our philosophy: Professional, Efficienct, Loyal,
Our mission: To creat core vlaue for our customer, our staff and our company.

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Q: How many days do you need to produce this machine?
A: It depends on the size of the machine. Usually 20-30days for shot blasting machine and green sand machine.45days for production line equipments.

Q: How to control your quality ?
A: First of all, we have professional technical team to design the machine. And we have strict production system, the quality inspection department will check the quality regularly.
For the smaller machine we will install the machine at our workshop to make sure it can work well.
For the bigger machine, we will install the machine for our customers until it can work well

Q: What's your machine quality guarantee?
A: Usually it's one year. We will choose the world famous brand components to keep our machine in perfect working condition.

Q: Can you instal the machine overseas?How long will it take?
A: YES, we have rich-experienced install team to instal the machine for our customers worldwide.

More questions please contact with Anna, my phone No. is 0086 1995325 9235

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