Последняя новинка, Лучший товар в отрасли, бетононасос с дистанционным управлением, небольшой смеситель, цена, бетономешалка, Бетономешалка

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Product Overview


1. Subvert the traditional building mode, change the traditional filling mode, and combine the mixing and pumping functions
2. Make concrete higher, farther and safer transportation, reduce labor intensity and save manpower
3. Humanized machine design, good maintainability, safe and convenient operation and maintenance
4. Continue to use "s" pipe valve, with advanced system, good sealing, simple structure and reliable performance
5. Large diameter piston cylinder with special buffer device has good buffer effect and powerful swing


High efficiency
newly upgraded full hydraulic diesel version mixing pump with built-in four cylinder diesel engine is not affected by the power factors of the construction site. The whole machine has no motor and is directly powered by diesel. The efficiency is 95% higher than that of similar products, and the speed is 80%. The mixing volume per hour can reach 20 cubic meters.

New design
Continuous and stable pumping can reduce and avoid a series of problems, such as broken wire rope, hopper failure and lifting motor failure. The whole machine is powered by a diesel engine, and the failure rate is 0. The failure rate of electric control cabinet and electrical components is greatly reduced, and the failure rate of the whole machine is reduced by 90%.

The system has good sealing performance
Hydraulic oil, engine oil, diesel oil and lubricating grease will not leak, and will be strictly separated from water. It is not easy to deteriorate and will not pollute the environment



It can be used in water conservancy, electric power, railway, highway tunnel, bridge, mine, high-rise building and other projects

It can adapt to different stone conditions everywhere and is convenient for transporting all kinds of self mixing materials


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