114x308mm Uters stainless steel folding melt filter element for fully filtered ammonia chemical industry

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Product Overview


Product Description

All stainless steel mesh folding welding filter element 114x308mm, melt filter element, liquid nitrogen metal filter element, chemical filter element


product description

The melt filter element is an all-metal filter element welded by argon arc welding. The products mainly use domestic and imported stainless steel fiber sintered felt, iron-chromium-aluminum fiber felt, nickel fiber felt, stainless steel special mesh, stainless steel sintered five-layer mesh, and stainless steel sintered Made of metal filter materials such as seven-layer nets.

The product adopts all stainless steel machined end caps; punching frame; 304 or 316L stainless steel metal mesh fold-wave welding.


Technical characteristics

1. High temperature and high pressure resistance, chemical corrosion resistance

2. Excellent air permeability, large dirt holding capacity, high strength, good sealing, long life, and can be cleaned, regenerated, and used repeatedly.

3. It can be made into cylindrical or folded cylindrical structure, the filter area after folding is 3-5 times of the cylindrical area

3. Working temperature: -60-500℃

4. The filter element can withstand the maximum pressure difference: 2MPa


Application field

1. Petrochemical: oil refining, chemical production and separation and recovery of intermediate products

2. Metallurgy: used for the filtration of the hydraulic system of rolling mills and continuous casting machines

3. Textile: Purification and uniform filtration of polyester melt in the process of drawing

4. Electronics and pharmaceuticals: pre-treatment filtration of reverse osmosis water and deionized water, pre-treatment filtration of washing liquid and glucose

5. Thermal power and nuclear power: gas turbine, boiler lubrication system, speed control system, bypass control system oil purification, feed water pump, fan and dust removal system purification.uters (10).jpguters (11).jpguters (12).jpguters (15).jpg

Packaging & Shipping

Package: Plastic bag inside,Paper box outside.Usually we pack filter element by paper boxes.and use export standard wooden boxes or pallets for heavy goods.

Shipment: Express For Small Package,and also could offer Express lines service for Southeast Asian countries, Central Asian countries,Middle East countries; Air Shipment could ship goods above 45 kgs with faster time; Sea Shipment could ship goods with big volume or heavy total weight,with longer time; China-Europe freight train could ship goods to the countries and regions along the route, the destination is in Europe.and could offer door to door service!IMG_3078_4444444Shipment



(1) What 's the UTERS Serive?

Awesome & timely pre-sale service

Stable & reliable product quality

No delay production period and delivery time

Efficient & Economic transport plan

Guaranteed after-sale quality assurance system

12 months quality warranty after shipment

OEM and Customized design and production

(2) What's the OEM including?

Part no. OEM.

Brands OEM.

Package & labels OEM.

Size & Structure OEM.

(3) What's the Shipment Type?

DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT and so on express door to door;by sea or by air shipment.

Some countries have special line double clearing to door service,such as some middle Eastern countries, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Australia ,and Some Southeast Asian countries have tax package double clearing to door service.

(4) What's your replacements performance?

HuaQing filtration insisting on using good quality material and Mature production process,100% ensure installation and using.could replace to originals 99.99%.

(5) What's the filter material you using?

National fiber glass from CSG Design Institute; imported USA HV fiber glass.

National oil paper; imported South oil paper

Supurb stainless steel mesh; Special mesh

Imported air paper ;Polyester fiber;Polypropylene and etc.

(6) What's the MOQ?

Usually MOQ is 1pc only.

Some special model or OEM model MOQ is 5pcs or 20pcs.

(7) What's the payment method?

T/T,Western Union,Money Gram, Cash.Also you could pay on our Alibaba shop.

(8) What's the production time?

7-10 days after getting the payment

If quantity of order is big,will need more time.

(9) What's the package type?

Filter Element Unit Package Type: Plastic Bags Inside,Paper Boxes Outside.

Outside Package: Usually Paper Boxes,Or Export Wooden Boxes For Special Cargo.

About Customization: Accept Requirements Customization.

(10) Could I get some samples?

We are honored to offer you samples.we support OEM sample and test samples.

Invoice Certification & Certificate Of Origin requirements.

(11) We could assist you to prepare Invoice certification or CO:

General certificate of origin (CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN) issued by the commodity inspection      agency.

CCPIT CEERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN issued by the Chamber of Commerce;

Certificate of Origin issued by us manufacturer or exporter..

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