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factory CH-2000-2 water electrolyzed cell hydrogen pem electrolyzer

      CH-2000-2   PEM  hydrogen                            Eletrolyzer
Hydrogen flow rate
Cycling way
Natural cycling
Hydrogen purity
Electrolytic way
pure water electrolysis
Single pool voltage
Dimension(without PVC connector)
Unit Weight
Pure water、deionized water
constant current power supply

   PEM Eletrolyzer cell    
PEM Eletrolyzer cell is an advanced patented product, which are light , highly effective, energy-saving and of environmental protection , producing hydrogen and oxygen through the electrolysis of pure water (without adding alkali). That's PEM technology.  The SPE electrodes, as the core of cell , are highly active catalytic electrode with nearly zero distance between the electrodes , which is formed by integrating composite catalyst with and ion membrane with high electrolytic efficiency.

     Working   Principle     
Electrolytic water meeting the requirements (with electrical resistivity > 1MΩ/ cm) , after being put into the anode chamber of electrolytic cell , when power is switched on ,wil l be decomposed at once at the anode : 2H2O = 4H+ + 2O-2. The decomposed negative oxyanion (O-2) will immediately release electron to form oxygen (O2) gas.The hydrogen proton , in the form of aqua ion (H+.XH2 O) , and under the action of electric field force , through SPE ion membrane, will arrive in the cathode to absorb electron to form hydrogen gas.


Hydrogen  Eletrolyzer
Hydrogen production volume
Single pool voltage
Size of  100ml/min (Without&With connecting ports )
60×60×35  &  60×80×61mm
Size of 300ml/min (Without&With connecting ports )
106×94×34 & 116×109×52mm
Size of 600ml/min (Without&With connecting ports )
106×94×44 & 116×109×61mm
Size of 800ml/min (Without&With connecting ports )
106×94×49 & 116×109×66mm
Size of 1000ml/min (Without&With connecting ports )
106×94×54 & 116×109×71mm
Size of 1200ml/min (Without&With connecting ports )
106×94×59 & 116×109×76mm
Size of 1400ml/min (Without&With connecting ports )
106×94×64 & 116×109×81mm
Size of 1600ml/min (Without&With connecting ports )
106×94×69 & 116×109×86mm
Size of 1800ml/min (Without&With connecting ports )
106×94×74 & 116×109×91mm
Size of 2000ml/min (Without&With connecting ports )
106×94×79 & 116×109×96mm
Size of 3200ml/min (Without&With connecting ports )
165×126.5×66.5 & 165×141×83.5mm
Size of 4000ml/min (Without&With connecting ports )
165×126.5×77.5 & 165×141×94.5mm
Size of 5000ml/min (Without&With connecting ports )
165×126.5×88.5 & 165×141×105.5mm


Application of PEM electrolyser hydrogen cell stack:
1.used for hydrogen&oxygen generator 2.used for Hydrogen Rich Water machine
3.used for health care equipment
4.used for experiment lab

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Yes, we are FACTORY, both OEM and ODM is welcomed.

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Our lead time is 1 -7working days for sample delivery,
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Yes,we can sell samples to you.

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