Soap Making Machine Small Line Factory Price Small Laundry Toilet Bath Soap Production Line

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Product Overview


Factory Price Small Laundry Toilet Bath Soap Production Line

Factory Price Small Laundry Toilet Bath Soap Production Line

Factory Price Small Laundry Toilet Bath Soap Production Line

Factory Price Small Laundry Toilet Bath Soap Production Line

Factory Price Small Laundry Toilet Bath Soap Production Line

Product Description

The proiduction line is used for soap making,generally including five part.





Power3 kw



The production of soap, transparent soap, a variety of raw materials for a full mix of mixing, so that granulation refinement, all kinds of auxiliary materials and additives

and flavors completely mixed into the granulation, to the formula requirements. Fully mixed soap tablets, soap tablets and a variety of liquid and solid additives can make soap particles

and additives fully mixed, stirring effect is full, uniform, color paste, additives completely dissolved into the soap.


2.Three roller mill


It is used for soap refining. Three rolls are horizontally placed with different rotating speeds. The refining function is achieved by pressing and squeezing force between

the adjacent rolls. The main frame is made of high quality stain structure, strong and solid. All gears are precisely manufactured and bathed in oil lubricants for long running life with

lower noise, less wearing and better reliability. Rolls are made of special alloy, high hardness, anti-wearing capability.




The double-single-screw vacuuming machine is composed of two single-linker machines, each with its own independent closed-speed transmission system. The machine is made of

precision gears. The screw is made of new aluminum alloy material or high quality stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and durable. All other parts in contact with the soap are

made of high quality stainless steel. The control part can adopt variable frequency or electromagnetic speed regulation, and the production capacity can be adjusted arbitrarily.


4.Cutter or Printer


Block cutter introduction:

This machine can emboss and cut all kinds of toilet soap and laundry soap, fast and accurate. For toilet soap production, this machine will cut the soap billets from the plodder into

long bars to feed into the downstream stamper. For the laundry soap production, a complete set of embossing mechanism can be installed at the front so that the machine can

emboss and cut the soaps at the same time to product finished product for downstream packaging. This machine uses PLC for accurate control and HMI for easy operation.

Printer introduction:

Stamper adopts the best design and technology, driven by servo control and cam system, reliable and high mechanical repeating accuracy. The suction cups pick up soap billet and

put it onto the mould, then after forming, pick finished soap bars out to discharge conveyor. The whole cycle is fully automatic, high speed, low vibration and solid performance.


5.Packaging machine

Packaging machine introduction:

Compact structure, stable performance and easy operation. Double-frequency control, the bag that is set to cut, no need to adjust the air to go, one-stop place, save

time and film. Imported appliances, touch-type man-machine interface, quick and easy parameter setting fault diagnosis, fault display at a glance. High sensitivity

photoelectric eye color tracking, so that the sealing position more accurate. Temperature independent PID control, better for a variety of materials coated. Positioning

stop function, do not stick knife, no film. Rotating system is simple, more reliable work, more convenient maintenance. All control by software to facilitate functional

adjustments and technology upgrades, never backward.Suitable for all kinds of product packaging.


Product parameters of main machines:


 First, before the operation
1. Check if there is any foreign matter in the hopper of the upper screw and whether there is any hard material in the discharge port of the lower screw. If it is necessary to clean it.
2. Check the power, water, open the upper and lower screw cooling water valve. Check the vacuum pump, open the inlet valve.
3. Open the next screw out of the soap electric heating switch, a soapy mouth preheating, temperature control at 45 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ or so.
Second, the operation
1. When the soapstock is fed into the hopper by the conveyor belt, the upper screw motor is started.
2. To be on the screw discharge port soap material into the lower screw hopper then start the next screw speed motor.
3. When the upper and lower screws are full of material, you can turn on the vacuum pump, turn off the vacuum chamber vent valve, the vacuum control at -0.06Mpa or so.
4. During operation, pay attention to the feeding condition of feeding conveyor belt and feeding conveyor and loading condition of hopper.
5. Always pay attention to the speed, make it compatible with the printer. Note that the cooling water temperature can not exceed 20 ℃. Upper and lower screw current can not exceed the allowable range.
Third, after the shutdown
1. Before shutting down, it is necessary to finish the material in the hopper, open the vacuum pump venting valve, and turn off the vacuum pump. (Note: Be sure to open the vent valve so that the vacuum is at 0 to turn off the vacuum pump.)
2. Cut off the screw out of the soap port heating power, and the soap in the next screw finished, two hours after the shutdown, the soap out of the soap, soap clean up.
3. Turn off the power, turn off the cooling water valve, clean up the surrounding environment.


Packaging & Shipping


Packaging Information


Standard strong export plywood case, pallet for equipment, or as per customer’s requirements.

Delivery Information


About delivery approach

A: By sea or by air, detailed delivery approach could be discussed.


About delivery time

A: Usually it takes about 15-30 working days after we receive your PO cand pre-payment. However, it would depend on our production schedule and the complexity of the equipment.


About trade term

A: Usually we send the equipment in FOB term, however, the CIF is also acceptable, which could be decided by customers



Our Services

 Before installation, the seller will provide the nformation of total line power, individual machine power, power connections, water & air input and output position, total water consumption. After the

machines arrival in buyer site and put into position, the buyer must connect the water, electricity, air and vacuum gas with the machines, then the seller shall send 3~4 technicians to help start-up 

the line for production, on-line training and production supervision. The buyer shall pay below service ratings, as well as round-trip transportation from our factory to buyer’s factory, the visa application

fee, food, transportation and accommodation.



Company Information


 Zhengzhou Nora Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd, established in 2013, specializing in designing and manufacturing the whole set of toilet soap and laundry soap machinery,from soap

processing soap making,finishing,packaging and end of line,with a wide range of capacity from 50kg/h small laboratory line to 2000kg/h high-speed line.We manufacture all kinds of

machinery and Metal  products and can meet different customer requirements,such as soap making line,packaging machinery and kinds of machinery,widely used in daily, chemical,

food,pharmaceutics,chemical industries.

We have helped customers in more than 60 countries set up soap business and help customers make a lot of money from it.






 1.Q: Soap industry production process?
A: Basically, the soap production need 2steps:
1)Using all kinds of oil&fast as material to produce semi-finished soap noodle;
2)Using seme-product soap noodle to produce end bar soap.
2.Q: What is the floor of the workshop size?
A:Full production line need 35*5m with height 5m; 
3.Q:How is the after-sales service?
A:You can send us videos and pictures of the faulty machine, and our engineers will analyze it and provide relevant guidance online. If the problem cannot be solved, we will send engineers to the local area to

help you solve it.
4.Q:How many days to ship?
A:The production line below 500kg per hour generally takes about 20-40 days, and the production line above 1000kg per hour takes about two months
5.Q: What is the formula?
A: Raw material is oil, caustic soda and salt; semi-product is soap noodle, perfume and color.
Accurate formula based on your local market’s request is available after confirmation of order
6.Q:How is the machine installed and used?
A:1) The installation of the machine is very simple, you only need to place the machine in a suitable position and connect the power supply, it can be used. In addition, if you really can't install it well, we can send

engineers to your local area to help you install it, but you need to charge relevant fees.
2) We have the relevant instructions, which will be sent to you when the time comes. We will also send a video of the use of the machine for demonstration. We can send engineers to your local area to help you

train employees on-site, but you will need to charge relevant fees.



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