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Tartary buckwheat tea

1.Tartary buckwheat tea is made from tartary buckwheat seeds after screening and roasting and other processes.
2.Tartary buckwheat is grown in the alpine area of Liangshan, far away from urban pollution. Tartary buckwheat tea is made of pure
natural tartary buckwheat without any additives.
3.Tartary buckwheat is rich in bioflavonoids and a variety of trace elements that are beneficial to human health, and has good
nutritional, edible and medicinal values.

Bioflavonoids - Rutin
The main functions are: softening blood vessels, improving microcirculation, clearing heat and detoxifying,promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, detoxifying and promoting muscle, lowering blood sugar, urine sugar, blood lipids, etc.
Trace elements
Tartary buckwheat contains a variety of inorganic elements beneficial to human health, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc and trace elements selenium, etc.
It is beneficial for obese patients to eat, and can be used as a diet food; it can improve glucose tolerance, and can regulate the blood sugar level of diabetic patients, and can be used as food for diabetic patients

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Xichang Qiongchi Tea Industry Co., LTD.
1.The company is located in Sichuan, China, and has been a brand manufacturer of raw materials for more than 20 years.
2.The company has an alpine ecological pesticide-free raw material planting base, and a number of product manufacturing factories.
3.The company is committed to creating high-quality products, with the goal of building a century-old enterprise.

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Manufacturer, Trading Company
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Buckwheat tea,Various teas, Food,Home textiles,Spices,Agricultural products
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To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.


Q1: Can I get samples?
Yes, we can provide free samples according to the specific situation, and you need to bear the freight confirmation after purchase. If you need samples, you can contact us for sample details.

Q2: When will my order be shipped and how long will it take to ship?
Products in stock usually ship within 5 days. The specific delivery time depends on the product type and order quantity, and the delivery time may vary. For more details, please contact us.

Q3: Can you provide OEM service?
Of course, we can provide OEM service, we have professional designers to help you design.

Q1: What's the difference between tartary buckwheat and buckwheat?
>>> Buckwheat can be classified into two kinds: sweet buckwheat and tartary buckwheat
>> Sweet buckwheat contains high starch content, with strong aromas and good taste.
>>>. Tartary buckwheat contains amylopectin, with light aromas and ltte bitter taste. But the
nutritive value is much higher than sweet buckwheat.
Q2: What's the variety of tartary buckwheat?
>>> Tartary buckwheat includes: black buckwheat, yellow buckwheat and hybridized buckwheat
>>>. Black buckwheat looks black. It's very dificult to husk. The grain particle is small, and the
productivity is very low while the nutritive value is very high
>>> Yellow buckwheat looks tawny. It's difficult to husk. The grain particle is relatively big and
the productivity is low while the nutritive value is just lower than black buckwheat
>>> Hybridized buckwheat looks silver gray or grayish yellow. It's easy to husk. The grain
particle is big and the productivity is high while the nutritive value is low.
Q3: What's the reason that tartary buckwheat planted in Liangshan been regarded
as the best tartary buckwheat?
>>> Alpine and Cold mountain (the elevation of the Liangshan Mountain is 3000 meters above,
natural growth, away from chemical ferilizers, pesticides and soil, water quality and air
>>> Zero Add (the product does not contain polyphenols, caffeine, without any chemical
additives and preservatives. The quality is natural and pure
Adequate sunshine (The annual sunshine time reach 2400 to 2600 hours in the south center
areas of the Liangshan Mountain
>> There are 15 varieties of tartary buckwheat and 2 mutations in the world, while Liangshan
possess 10 varieties and 2 mutations
Q4: What's the function of Rutin?
>>> Rutin: categorized into Vitamins, also known as Vitamin P; it can maintain the vascular
resistance, reduce the vascular permeability and the blood vessel brittleness and enhance the
sensitiveness to insulin so that it has the function of lowering blood sugar, blood fat and blood
Q3: Descriptions and valuation about tartary buckwheat in professional literature
>> China: Compendium of Materia Medica: Tartary buckwheat, bitter natured, slightly cold flat;
functions: strengthen intestines and stomach, enhance the function of ear and eye and cheer up
the spirit.
>>> Japan: Tartary Buckwheat: the secret of longevity written by Katayama Toranosuke: In the
field of treating and preventing Diabetes and high blood pressure, the effect of tartary
buckwheat is 100 times as normal buckwheat, and 150 times as gingko.
>> Germany: The Orient Tartary buckwheat: written by Clift, Pharmacy expert in Germany and
Kusano Ekitoku, expert in Japan: Growing in the Oriental plateau, the tartary buckwheat is
somewhat like the star on the sky in Oriental herbal medicine field. It can be called as "Oriental
Miraculous Herb"

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