CE Standard High Speed Automatic DHY500 Disc Stack Separator Centrifuge Self Cleaning Centrifuges

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Product Overview


CE Standard High Speed Automatic DHY500 Disc Stack Separator Centrifuge

Product Description

High quality! disc stack centrifuge separator

1.) Mineral oil industry: purification of fuel oil and lubricating oil such as ship main engine,disc centrifuge
2.)Dairy Industry: clarification, purification  degreasing of fresmilk; disc 
Separator centrifuge
3.)Vegetable oil industry: purification and clarification of palm oil, degumming, soaping, dehydration and dewaxing of refined vegetable oil; disc 
Separator centrifuge
4.)Beverage Products Industry: clarification of beer, fruit juice, beverage, etc., disc 
Separator centrifuge
5.) Starch Industry: Concentration and grading of starch pulp; disc 
Separator centrifuge
6.)Pharmaceutical Industry: purification or clarification in the extraction process of antibiotics and biochemical drugs, disc 
Separator centrifuge
7.) Chemical Industry: purification or clarification of chemical raw materials; disc 
Separator centrifuge
8. )Lanolin industry: extract and purify lanolin from wool washing sewage; disc 
Separator centrifuge
9.) Latex industry: Purify and concentrate natural rubber emulsion; disc 
Separator centrifuge

starch protein centrifuge disc 


Description of disc separator:

The disc separator is specially used for the two-phase and three- phase separation. The two-phase separation is to separate the suspended solid from liquid or separate two liquids which have the different specific gravity and are immiscible. The three-phase separation is to separate the two immiscible liquid phases and a phase of solid at the same time.

This series automatic discharging separator has the traits as high rotating speed, operating stability, completely sealed up of the inlet and outlet system, lower noise and fine separating affection. Centripetal pump system designed by our professional designer has the traits as stability outlet pressure, large regulating sphere and operating easily. this series separator has professional automatic domination case with safety protection device, advanced automatic vibrating testing instrument can view vibrating number at any time. We can make separating and discharging to the best affection from regulate separating parameter directly at the screen.

This machines are widely used in degum, de-soap and water washing technology in vegetable oil refinery. It can also be used for refinery of animal oil and mineral oil. and liquid-liquid, liquid-solid separation of light industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and food industry.

starch protein centrifuge disc

Structure and principle:
The bowl rotates at a high speed round the main axis, driven by a motor through hydraulic coupling and screw gear pair. stock liquid flows from the upper feeding pipe into the bowl's bottom and then will be separated through holes of disc seat. by the action of centrifugal force field, heavy liquid flows along the inner wall of discs to the inner wall of the bowl, after up flowing along them, it will be discharged by the heavy liquid pump, the light liquid will be done by the light liquid pump, which flows along the inner wall of discs into centre pipe and then up to high liquid outlet. the larger solid phase particles left will sedimentate on the bowl's wall and then will be discharged, controlled by the sliding bowl, out of the sediment outlet.

starch protein centrifuge disc


 Product advantage:

1.) High speed, stable operation, all import and export systems are sealed, noise is low, and separation effect is good.
2.) The professionally designed centripetal pump system has stable output pressure, large adjustment range and convenient operation.
3.) The drum has a special structure, which has a large processing capacity and good degreasing and clarifying effect.
4.) Professionally designed automatic control cabinet, can observe the vibration value of the equipment at any time. 



Product technical parameter:

starch protein centrifuge disc


Product picture:


starch protein centrifuge disc                                  


 starch protein centrifuge disc


starch protein centrifuge disc


 starch protein centrifuge disc



starch protein centrifuge disc



Packaging & Shipping

 starch protein centrifuge disc

Our Services

starch protein centrifuge disc

1.We will provide one-year warrantee to make sure your machine runs consistently. We always keep certain inventory level of spare parts, which means the replacements can be shipped to you right away.
2. Consultant services for whole machine life, 24 hours technical support by email and telephone.
3.Send technicians to the jobsite for guiding the installation and adjustment, training operators and finishing the check and accept together with you.


Company Information

LIAOYANG WANDA MACHINERY CO.,LTD is specialized in design, development, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical, food, chemical extracting and drying equipments for many years. Our products include supercritical extractor, filter, centrifuge, vaccine machine, crusher, dryer, distiller etc.

Looking to the future with a commitment to design innovation and quality products, supported by an outstanding level of customer service. The unexcelled quality medical machinery can be easily obtained from us because we maintain the quality and standard of our products from incoming raw materials to the finished products. Our company follows strict quality controls and various systematic procedures. We take utmost care of quality at every stage of the manufacturing process. Our research and development wing is our asset that develops and incorporates innovative ideas and products. Our Team is full of experienced and qualified professionals, who have sound knowledge about the quality of our medical machinery. Our products are far sold to Europe, U.S.A., and the southeast Asia. They are well received by customers both at home and abroad.


starch protein centrifuge disc


starch protein centrifuge disc



1. What data is required to confirm the model?

(1) Materials to be separated (2) Treatment capacity per hour (3) Solid content

2. What certificates do you have?
We can provide CE, ISO 9001, etc

3. What is the warranty period of the equipment?
Normally 1 year warranty

4. Can we visit your factory?
Of course, we sincerely invite you to visit

5. Can we bring our own materials to your factory for experiments?
Of course, you are welcome at any time. We will arrange professional engineers and technicians to do experiments and analyze data for you on site

6. Can it be customized?
Of course, our equipment can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.

7. How long is the construction period?
It's about 30 days, but it also needs to be determined according to the specific equipment model, order number, etc., But if you need it urgently, please let us know, we can arrange the factory to rush production.

8. Will you provide installation services?
If you need, we can arrange professional technicians and engineers to install and debug on site.



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 starch protein centrifuge disc



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