2.5D toughened glass screen protector for iPhone 13mini/13/13 Pro/Pro Max

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3-15 inch 2.5D glass screen protector of any model
Thickness / material
0.15mm-0.4mm/hd glass / fog surface anti glare frosted glass
Material selection
American Corning / Japan Longji / Asahi nitko / China panda high aluminum / CSG high aluminum, materials can be selected according
to customer needs
Tempering time / performance
After tempering for 4 hours, the glass can be folded in half at 180 ° and curled at 360 °
Ball dropping performance
64g steel ball / 60cm height / 1.2m height / 1.5m height / 1.8m height can meet the drop test 10 breaking 1 standard. Specific
requirements can be customized according to customer requirements
Edge pressure test
At the position of 0.8mm tip and 0.8mm edge distance, the static pressure test edge pressure is 10-30kg, which better ensures the
edge hardness of tempered glass film and reduces the probability of edge breakage
Electroplating AF fingerprint oil
Vacuum electroplating AF, the water drop angle is more than 115 ° before friction, 1 * 1kg grinding head, and the water drop angle
is more than 105 ° after 5000-10000 times of friction
AB glue selection
Transparent AB adhesive / 28 ° anti peeping adhesive / green and blue AB adhesive certified by TUV
60C round lubrication radian, real 2.5D
9h hardness, hardening, impact resistance, scratch resistance, smooth feel, anti oil stain, anti fingerprint, easy to clean
50 pieces / small package can be packed according to the customer's requirements, and the packaging box can be customized
according to the customer's needs to pack the finished products
Delivery time
1-2 days for samples and small orders, 5-15 days for bulk orders
Terms of payment
Alibaba Trade guarantee, PayPal, Western Union remittance (50% deposit, 50% balance before delivery)
Professional OEM / ODM high-end personalized customization factory

Mobile phone, tablet computer, game console, car navigation, computer mouse block, glass mouse, toughened glass products such as smart home appliance glass panel and tool glass panel can be customized by OEM / ODM



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