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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Name
Latte Coffee
Instant Coffee, Cordyceps Extract, Sugar and Non-Dairy Creamer (Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Oil, Milk Solids) Ganoderma extract powder
21g* 15 sachets
Dosage directions: 
1 sachet/time, 1-2 times/day
Supports Immune Health, Relieves the pressure
Shelf life:
24 months
Stored in cool and dry place, keep from strong sunlight

Ganaderma Coffee is a robust blend that mixes in an instant for a flavorful cup of coffee. It contains Ganoderma mushroom which provides a hint of nutty flavor to balance the rich, bold and smooth flavor of this coffee.

Coffee 95%
Coffee – one of the most popular beverage in the world.We uses a strong, easy to mix instant coffee that is bold and flavorful. Portable and convenient to carry, for on the go instant coffee benefits..
Ganoderma lucidum 5%
Ganoderma lucidum– also known as the red Reishi mushroom, this mild flavor adds a note of depth to the coffee flavor and brings its own benefits. Ganoderma mushrooms provide triterpenoids and amino acids. Ganoderma mushrooms are ‘adaptogens


Reshi Latte
100% Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder
Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder is concentrated extract from fresh fruiting body ,then extracted by a series of techniques after
drying ,which has high nutritional value and benifit to human health.
3 in 1 instant latte coffee
We use high quality aromatic coffee beans with pure milk(Non-dairy creamer) and proper sugar to make the palate softer,instant
coffee has become an indispensable variety in the coffee world because of its convenience, simplicity and popularity.

The smell of latte coffee can make people feel stable,drinking a latte every morning can help you relieve fatigue and refresh your mind and improve work efficiency.
It contains the beneficial essence from reishi latte coffee, which adds more nutritional value to the product compared to the rest on the market.
Reishi Latte is a delicious blend of Reishi Mushroom and latte that can be enjoyed daily to keep you healthy and energetic.

Why Choose Us

We Care About Quality
Our Reishi have been certified organic by the US, China, the EU and Japan. GanoHerb is the first enterprise in China that has passed both organic certification at home and abroad and is the developer of China Reishi industry standards. It possesses China’s
health food Production License and GMP Certificate. Throughout its production process, every production link has detailed specifications and is under strict control.
100% Pure Fruiting Body And Spore Powder
We use fruiting bodies or spore powder for production. Spore is the seed released from the mature Reishi mushroom. Nearly all scientific studies on medicinal mushrooms are conducted by using whole fruiting bodies and spores. Some companies are using other as the raw materials instead of the fruiting body. We only use organic raw materials with high nutritional value.
National Patent on Cell-wall Breaking
The Reshi mushroom spore has double-layer hard shell on the surface. Only when the shell is cracked, the effective active ingredients can be absorbed by the human body to the greatest extent. GANOHERB has developed an advanced technology of breaking
spore cell wall at low temperatures without heavy metal residues, the breaking rate is as high as 99% or more, which has been patented nationally.

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Company Profile

GanoHerb Fuzhou Office.
GANOHERB is the largest organic Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) plantation in China. GANOHERB has developed more than 100 kinds of products including organic Ganoderma series health products, Ganoderma TCM decoction
pieces and other health foods, which have been sold in China and to more than 30 countries and regions in the world.

Overview of GanoHerb Ganoderma Lucidum planting base in Mount. Wuyi
The virgin forest area in Mount Wuyi is picturesque and woody, and the clean air there forms a natural oxygen bar.
Since its establishment in 1989, GANOHERB has always been committed to cultivation, research, development, production and marketing of organic log-cultivated Ganoderma for 3 decades. It is a veritable “Ganoderma whole industry chain” enterprise.

Experts visit our Ganoderma Lucidum planting bases.
Workers collect Ganoderma lucidum spore power.

Factory GMP standardised workshop.

Standardized GMP workshop
Extraction machines
Auto bottle filling product line

Test products in our lab

Experts visit our lab
Check finished softgels

Our stores in China

Packing and shipment

Delivery Time: Around 3-5 workdays after your payment.
· Package: In fiber-drums with two-plastic bags inside.
· Storage: Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat.
· Shelf Life: Two years when properly stored.
· Commonly, We use FEDEX for quantity less than 50KG.
· Sea shipping for quantity over 24480 boxes; and air shipping is available for 50KG above;
· For high value products, please select air shipping for safe;

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