Aircraft instruments lcd display screen original display counter lcd made in china

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aircraft multifunction display(LD-100)

Technical Parameter Waterproof performance:
with shower waterproof (waterproof level ≥IPX4) Working temperature: -20℃-40℃ Fault protection: automatic return + alarm function
Amount of battery groups: 1 group Battery capacity: 36000mA/h
Battery life: 30 minutes with no load, 20 minutes with full load
Flight control distance: ≥10km
Flight altitude: ≤200m
Maximum climbing speed: 5m/s
Maximum horizon flight speed: 10m/s
Time to open and withdraw search: 10 minutes
Function: autonomously plan flight routes
Wind resistance: level 5
Aircraft frame: 1.62m
Load capacity: 3kg-5kg
Load free weight: 20kg
Aircraft material: carbon fiber
Camera resolution: 1920*1080
Effective distance of image transmission: ≥10km
Ground station: with the function of storing the images returned by the aircraft Automatically return to flight after loss of contact or not: Yes
Operators: 2 people
Support industry UAV customization services, including UAV platforms, ground station systems, we provide industry solutions. The UAV platform is completely independently developed and assembled, The data interaction between the flight platform and the ground station system is user-friendly, with simple operation and complete functions. The reliability of unmanned flight is guaranteed. Ground station control system:
1. Fully autonomous flight
2. Execute map route missions
3. Flight command control, one-key take-off, route execution, one-key landing, one-key return, immediate hovering and other commands can be customized.
4. Protection function, to ensure that users have no worries, such as low voltage protection, link interruption protection, etc., can customize protection measures.
Flight stability and versatility
It can be used for agriculture, forestry and plant protection, logistics and transportation, line inspection, forest fire
prevention, police fire protection, environmental monitoring, remote sensing mapping, aerial photography.
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One key return
Out of control automatic return
Low battery automatic return
GPS positioning
Real-time image return
Brushless Motor

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