Chinese engraving magnesium plate for foil stamping blocks and embossing blocks

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EASONNM ® Primium Magnesium Tooling Plate

EASONNM®  Tooling Engraving Magnesium Plate is gainning popularity among users worldwide for its light weight, environmental protection, easy cutting, low heat generation and low tool wear.



 Our advantages

1.  High quality magnesium alloy  

Our high qualiy magnesium alloy can supply the high density and purity.

2.  Substrate surface integrity

High density fine surface treatment  supply very clean polish surface.Users can directly process engraving without having to deal with surface quality.

3.  Strict plate tolerance, high flatness of the whole plate  

Our manufacture standard of tolerance,flatness are superior than the Industry Standard.


Other Features

As an excellent metal material that can be machined and engraved, CNC magnesium plate has the following remarkable features:

*If the cutting energy consumption of magnesium plate is 1, then brass is 2.3, aluminum is 1.8 and iron is 3.5. Therefore, the cutting inertia of magnesium plate is small, which can realize high speed cutting. 

*After the magnesium plate engraving, the size is stable, not easy to change due to temperature.

*Magnesium is a non-magnetic metal, magnesium plate electro magnetic shielding good, strong anti-interference ability.

*Magnesium has excellent shock absorption characteristics and good damping.

*Engraving magnesium sheet to a high stiffness ratio.

*Magnesium is light in weight.

*Magnesium resources are abundant and can be recycled.

*Magnesium is widely found in nature. Magnesium plate can be naturally decomposed into magnesium salt, which is not harmful to soil and water.

*The engraving power consumption of magnesium plate is low.






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