Easy Installation 435 psi 30 bar High Pressure Oil free PM VSD Two stage Screw Air Compressor With Patent Technology (1600475712302)

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Product Overview


30-40 bar High-pressure Water-injected Oil-free Screw-type Air-compressor (PM VSD)
for PET Bottle Blowing Industry, water and beverage, food and medical.
Not Piston, not Booster, but Screw type.

SINCE 1988

Product Parameters

Comparison Advantages

PET 30~40 BAR Screw type air compressor VS Piston type air compressor

Product Description

Famous Patented Product: Single Screw air end( 30 years experience)

1) Balance Structure :
The star wheels on both sides, counteract the radial and axial force.

2) High Efficiency :
Every rotation of the screw results in 12 compression cycles with 35280 times of exhaling.
Fully use the channel space and achieve more volume compared with the same dimension air compressor.

3)No Vibration and Low noise:
The exhaling process is free from pulses, so a coin can stand still on a running machine.

4)Extended Maintenance Cycle:
Lifetime >50,000 hours due to its particular Balance Structure and less than 50℃ Operation Temperature.

Product advantages

1) Food and Pharmaceutical Standard 100% OIL-FREE (20 years experience)
- TUV Class 0 Oil-free Certificate
- Clean air: purified by water, without dust

2) At Least 30% Energy-saving
- Single screw air compressor theoretically doesn’t have any clearance volume
- The water used as a lubricating medium also seals gaps inside the compression chamber, and enables highly efficient operation at low speeds(about 3000r/min)
- Using water as a cooling method keep compressor Ideal isothermal compression
- Variable frequency inverter(Permanent magnetism variable frequency) 15 years experiences
- Two-stage compression medium pressure screw air compressor: domestic initiative patent product(application number: ZL 2016 20206277.4)

3) Environment protection : 0 Emission
- No discharge of three wastes; Low vibration and less noise

4) Reliability : (50000 hours lifetime)
- Simple and balanced structure and the temperature of the unit is less than 50℃, so maintenance period > 50000 hours
- Lowest cost and maintenance (Only air filter and water filter < $500)

5) The Lowest noise in similar products (min: 57db)
- A superior dynamic balanced system can effectively control the vibration source
- The motor and screw are directly connected without any rotation gear to cause gear noise
- Sound-absorbing materials are also used in the equipment shell to reduce noise

Comparison Advantages

between oil-free air compressors of water lubricated Single screw air compressor and dry double screw air compressor

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