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Time is Money, We save you Both
a. Save time and money by solving problems before shipment.
b. We are an independent, certified and licensed product inspection company.
c. Quick inspection within 48 hours after all information is collected and verified.
d. Reduce the risk of receiving damaged merchandise, wrong merchandise or merchandise in short.
e. Guarantee high customer satisfaction by shipping the right goods, protect your brand and reputation.
f. Provide a daily production and quality report, along with photographs every 12 Hour.
g. Our China quality control inspection services price is very cost-effective and reasonable.

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Note: A Defective is defined as a unit of product that contains one or more defects. A Defect is defined as any non- conformance of the inspected unit of product with specified requirements. A single defect is taken into account per each defective unit; only one most serious defect is taken into account per each defective unit.

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Q1. Why do I need shipment inspections or factory audits?
A. In case of any Poor quality, incorrect shipments, unreal information from suppliers. Inspection is the most efficient way to protect buyer’s right.

Q2. How to start the inspection?
Client send us the booking and book 2-3 days in advance. We contact Factory to confirm the inspection. Client Confirm the inspection plan and pay. We perform the inspection and client get inspection report within 12hours.

Q3. What we need to provide you for inspection?
The Factory contact way, Products information as well as your special quality control requirement if you have. Some client will send approved samples also.

Q4. What information does the inspection report include?
A. Our written reports are very detailed, including accurate description of all defects and inconsistencies, statistic analysis based on the highly recognized AQL standard and plentiful spot pictures for illustration. A written report + Original pictures will be provided within 12hours after inspection.

Q5. How to pay?
Payment via Bank Transfer, PayPal, Western Union or Alibaba Escrow is acceptable. Inspection cost always need to be prepaid before inspection.

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