A4 Size Sample Switch Glass Film Smart Glass Film Switchable PDLC Film

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Product Overview



Product Description

The science behind the magic
When the small electrical supply is switched on, Liquid Crystal molecules align and incident light passes through -- Smart film instantly clears.
When the power is switched off, Liquid Crystal molecules are randomly oriented, scattering light -- Smart film becomes opaque (frosted, private).

High Quality PDLC Film, PDLC Glass

Available as Self-Adhesive Film for Existing Glass

Self adhesive Smart Film applies to any existing or new smooth glass surface. A simple ON – OFF mode switches the glass from clear
(transparent) to frosted (opaque).

Available as Non-Adhesive Film for Producing Laminated Smart Glass

Rear Projection

Rear Projection 
Smart glass/film can change from clear to opaque. Besides, it is perfect for rear projection when the glass is opaque. Theprojector is inside the shop, and people outside can see the marketing video or PPT.

Product Parameters


Optical Parameter
Visible Light Transmittance
Power on
Ultra clear: 87%~89%
Power off
Parallel Light Tansmittance
Power on
Power off

Power on
Power off
Power on

Electrical Parameter
Operating Voltage
Power on
AC48V-65V/ 50Hz
Response Time
Power off-on
Power Dissipation
Power on-off
6-8 W/㎡

Size Parameter
Maximum Size

Operating Parameter
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature

Service Times
Power on
>12 years
Switching Times

>2 millions 

1. Privacy Protection
2. Sound Insulation
3. An End of a Intelligent System
4. Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
5. Safety
6. Diversified Control Methods
7. Rear Projection


1.Can I only buy the switchable pdlc smart film to install ourselves ?
Yes,it's very easy for our customers. We will offer offer a complete installation kit as well as instruction video and document.

2. Does smart film block harmful UV rays?
Yes, it can block over 98% of the harmful UV rays.

3. Is smart film energy efficient?
Yes, it's a green product that only consumes 6-8 W/㎡.

4. Can customers install smart film by themselves?
Yes, we offer a complete installation kit as well as instruction video and document.

5. What is the difference between self-adhesive smart film and non-adhesive smart film?
Self-adhesive smart film can be applied onto the existing glass directly, allowing any piece of existing glass to become smart glass. Non-adhesive smart film is laminated between 2 pieces of tempered glasses to achieve smart glass.

6. Do you offer smart glass?
Yes.Our main products:self-adhesive smart pdlc fim,smart glass, Laminated Smart Film,smart car film.

7. Can you project on smart film/glass?
Yes, smart film and smart glass can be used as a rear projection screen, perfect for rear projection.

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Product Warranty
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Response Time: 24 hrs


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