Текстильная непрерывная инфракрасная машина для термической обработки постельного белья

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Price:163 000,00 $ - 205 000,00 $
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Product Overview


Product Description

Stenter Machine
This Machine is Suitable for Impregnating, Stretching, Drying and Shaping of Cotton, Polyester, Polyester, Acrylic and Their
Blended Fabrics.

Product parameters

 Technical characteristics
1. Working width: 1800-3600mm.
2. Working speed: 20-120m/min.
3. Form: dual pincers running horizontally.
4. Drying room: horizontal drying room, 6 chambers, 7 chambers, 8 chambers, 9 chambers and so on, building block combination.
5. Evaporation temperature: the highest temperature 220℃, can be set independently.
6. Heat source: steam, heat conduction oil, electric heating, natural gas.
7. Drying room adopts multi-wing circulating fan, rolled aluminum fin radiator, high thermal efficiency, uniform temperature in
drying room.
8. The frame adopts standard profile, welded into a separate circulation cavity, the top is equipped with anti-drip oil device.
9. Transmission mode: AC frequency conversion multi-unit synchronous speed regulation.

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