Дешевая Массажная перезаряжаемая электрическая Термосумка для теплой воды

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Storage-type electric heating bag adopts a new generation of material which combined with senior medical plastics and high strength composite fiber. And by new advanced technology of our factory, we produce this new generate products. It is not only soft, warm-up apparatus, but also is ideal heat therapy apparatus, which has obvious physiotherapeutic role to arthritis, cervical spondylosis, low back pain, chilblains and so on.

1. This product warms up quickly and retains heat longer. This product can charge 8-12 minutes, and the water temperature will reach 75 degrees Celsius. And this product can sustainable retain heat over 1.5 hours.
2. Automatic temperature control to prevent overheating. There is automatic temperature controller installed in the product. The red indicating light shows light when the beginning of the heating charge; when it reaches the internal required temperature, then temperature controller installation will be cut power automatically and the indicating light will be black.
3. One-time inject water and using forever. This product has been injected clean water before leaving factory, so users don’t need to inject water to use, which avoid troubles and insecurity from frequent renewing water of traditional warm-bag.
4. Prevention of expansion and explosion: There is protective device of temperature controller installed in the product, so it can avoid heating out of control result in expansion and explosion.
5. Prevention of leakage and seepage: this product combines advanced medical plastics and high strength complex fibre together, adding Hi-tech sealing technology in order to preclude the phenomenon of leakage.

Product Feature


Product Name
electric hot water bag
Heating Type
soft imitated super soft
pillow shape
Heating time
about 8-12 minutes
Surface temperature
about 60-70 degree
keep warm for about 2-3 hours, and longer in quilt
chinese plug(or as per customer need)
dry bags in bulk( or as per customer need)

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