separator sorting domestic garbage drum screen domestic waste air classifier mill

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Product Overview


Garbage wind sorting machine
The garbage wind sorting machine winds the air onto the garbage stream, and then separates the waste according to gravity.
The waste stream is conveyed into the separation chamber through a conveyor, and heavy wastes with solid shapes (such as glass bottles and plastics) are directly dropped to the bottom of the separator. Glass bottles fall first, followed by plastic bottles, and then light waste, such as film and paper, are blown away from the air stream of the blower and fall on the end conveyor for separation. The dust is collected by the cyclone, and the air circulates in the sorting machine.

The system sorts the garbage according to the gravity of the garbage in combination with the wind
The spray pressure and the air volume of the blower are adjustable. According to the purpose of separation, the separation efficiency and purity can be optimized to separate glass bottles, plastics, cans, films and paper. The cyclone separation process can absorb and contend for polluted air, improve the working environment, and reduce air pollution.
The air separator is installed in front of the automatic sorter of MRF (garbage recycling plant) or MBT (biomechanical processing) to sort film, paper and dust to achieve the efficiency and purity of the automatic sorter

Two-stage air separation
Single stage air separation

1. Separate materials with various gravity air volumes to effectively separate heavy waste (glass)
2. Improve the working environment through wind dust removal and air circulation
3. A good cyclone system can effectively screen plastic film, paper and dust

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